Talks continue for proposed Hall Road hotel

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published July 21, 2015


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — There is still work left to do for the developers of a proposed Hilton Garden Inn in Macomb Township to obtain approval from the township’s government.

The hotel would be located on the north side of Hall Road, 500 feet east of Hayes Road.

Before the project moves to the next stages of approval, the developers must obtain a zoning variance to build the four-story structure.

The location where the hotel would be located allows for buildings only two stories, or 25 feet, in height, but precedents have been set for variances to be permitted. A Beaumont health building located just east of the hotel site is four stories tall.

During a zoning board of appeals meeting on July 14, Simon Mauro of Innavo Group represented the hotel group before the board.

After nearly a half hour of discussion, the board and Mauro agreed to table a final decision on the variance for a meeting on July 28.

Concerns of construction noise, increased traffic, and proper screening of the property were raised by a pair of nearby residents during the meeting.

To calm their concerns, Mauro presented his case for the hotel as opposed to other commercial activity that could be built on the six-acre parcel.

“The residences that will be sleeping there, they’re not going to want to hear any noise there either, so I think that as far as nighttime, I think this will actually be quieter than a shopping center where there might be a nightclub there,” Mauro said. 

Mauro said there would be no road that connects the hotel lot to the condominium neighborhoods to the north and east of the property, so traffic would be unaffected by the hotel.

“They’ve done an analysis where, if you have so many stores on three acres, you could possibly build a 30,000-square-foot commercial center, which would generate more traffic on Hall Road, so I don’t believe you’re going to have more traffic. You’re going to have less traffic with a hotel,” Mauro said.

Board chairman Dino Bucci respected the concerns of the nearby residents, which is why he requested that Mauro meet with them to explain the hotel plan in further detail.

“What our concern is, he (Mauro) wants to present the building here, do we want him to do it economically, is it sound for community, but is it safe for the community, is it harmful to the neighboring people that are surrounding this facility,” Bucci said.

Because of the commercial areas surrounding the parcel, including a proposed Noodle’s restaurant just east of the National Coney Island, which the hotel would share a driveway with, Bucci added that the hotel would be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the area.

“Keep in mind, we have a commercial area off of Hall Road. If this was off 22 Mile, then we’d have a bunch of concerns about this, but this is Hall Road,” Bucci said. “There’s commercial activity going on, so what we’re trying to do here is hopefully make it aesthetically pleasing.”

Bucci and the board also requested that Mauro provide a more detailed plan on how the hotel site will meet the township’s ordinances for green space and screening.

To meet those requests, Mauro said that plans for the hotel include a berm and a six-foot concrete wall that would be hidden by trees and vegetation.

As for the hotel structure itself, Mauro said it would be a prototype of the Hilton family of hotels. Seven rooms would be located on the hotel’s main floor, along with a bar and restaurant, facilities for catering and banquets, and a swimming pool.

“This is a full scale hotel, not like the little motels there are on M-53,” Mauro said. “It’s going to be a clean-looking building. It’s going to be a combination of stone and brick. It’s a clean look. It’s something that’s an asset to the community.”

Bucci said the hotel would be the first commercial hotel of its kind in the township.

Prior to coming before the board, Mauro said that the hotel group finished demographic studies on the local area to find that it would be a suitable location for the structure.

“Through talking to the residents as they did the demographics in the area, the area is perfect for it, and Macomb Township is a perfect community for it,” Mauro said. “It’s between Partridge Creek and Lakeside Mall, and it’s right across from Macomb Community College and close to the hospital, so it’s centrally located.”

If the variance is approved by the zoning board of appeals, the hotel developers would then seek a special land use approval from the township.