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Student charged for making bomb threats

By: Alex Szwarc | C&G Newspapers | Published September 27, 2019


MACOMB COUNTY — After a flurry of activity related to school threats, a suspect has been charged.

On Sept. 18, a female middle school student allegedly called in bomb threats to two Macomb County middle schools. On Sept. 23, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith authorized a charge of making a false bomb threat, a four-year felony, against the suspect from Chesterfield Township.

Police and prosecutors allege that at 1:18 p.m. Sept. 18, the suspect called L’Anse Creuse Middle School-East, located east of Gratiot Avenue in New Baltimore, from her home, stating there were multiple bombs around the school.

L’Anse Creuse Public Schools Superintendent Erik Edoff told C & G Newspapers that the suspect attends L’Anse Creuse Middle School-East.

A press release from the Prosecutor’s Office states that the individual utilized a free calling and messaging service app to disguise her real phone number, and attempted to deepen her voice to sound like a man. She called the school back at 1:52 p.m. and screamed into the phone that bombs were around the building.

“We followed all safety procedures and we treat every threat seriously, whether it is or isn’t,” Edoff said. “We immediately contacted the police and they took over.”

Edoff indicated that the school was evacuated. He said around 650 students are enrolled there.

Also on Sept. 18, the suspect again used the app to call Roseville Middle School at 1:37 p.m., reportedly stating, “There are bombs placed all around your school.” She allegedly called the school back at 1:48 p.m., stating, “You have 30 minutes,” and hung up.

Roseville Community Schools Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski said the district had two incidents Sept. 18.

“After we found out other calls were made to other schools, we kept the building open, and the police had personnel on the grounds to provide extra security,” Blaszkowski said.

He added that with threats made to L’Anse Creuse, Roseville has communicated with L’Anse Creuse and coordinated with the district for the investigation.

“We commend the school staff members, student bodies and various law enforcement agencies for acting in such a swift, professional manner under these incredibly stressful circumstances,” Smith said.

Michigan State Police, the Roseville Police Department and Macomb County Sheriff’s Office K-9 units performed searches of the two schools, finding no evidence of bombs on either property.

“I was in a meeting with Roseville’s superintendent, and he was dealing with the same thing,” Edoff said. “The police response was amazing. We really respect our partnership with the Sheriff’s Office and police agencies. I think they did a professional, thorough and quick job of clearing the building after students were dismissed.”   

The suspect allegedly commented that she made the calls as a “copycat” of the Melvindale Schools threats. Threats of possible violence forced Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools to cancel classes for three days the week of Sept. 16.

She reportedly stated that her friend dared her to make the calls, and was on the other line when the calls were made. The two students reportedly were not in school Sept. 18, due to prior suspensions.

Edoff said both students are not in school, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“As I have stressed time and time again, my office will remain vigilant, never underplaying the serious nature of such threats. Our children’s lives depend on it,” Smith said.

Edoff said this incident serves as a good opportunity for parents to talk with their children about the seriousness of their words.

“All words mean something and can have serious consequences, whether you mean them or not,” he said.

In total, five law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, participated in the response.

Staff Writer Brendan Losinski contributed to this report.