On Feb. 4, a special land use was approved for Sunny’s Pools and More. Approval of a special land use is required for the business to remain operational.

On Feb. 4, a special land use was approved for Sunny’s Pools and More. Approval of a special land use is required for the business to remain operational.

File photo by Alex Szwarc

Special land use approved for pool business in Macomb Township

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published February 12, 2020


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Some more clarification was provided about what is required for a local business to stay open.

A topic that carried over Feb. 4 from a January Macomb Township Planning Commission meeting was a special land use for Sunny’s Pools and More.

Macomb Township Planning Consultant David Scurto, from Carlisle Wortman Associates Inc., said approval of a special land use is required for the business to remain operational.

“Since the last meeting, the Planning Department has been working with Mr. Zacharski on ordinance requirements for parking, retail space and such,” Scurto said.

In January, one specification the Fire Department had for Sunny’s was for a firewall to be in place.

On a visit to the site, located west of Industrial Drive and north of 23 Mile Road, Scurto said he saw the township’s fire marshal, but didn’t know what the outcome of that visit was.

“A firewall was an issue brought up by the Building and Fire departments prior to the meeting,” he said.

Scurto recommended that the Planning Commission approve the special land use, but with six conditions: All building requirements are met, including the firewall; Fire Department conditions are met; retail space does not exceed 4,000 square feet; two barrier-free parking spaces are properly marked; eight required employee parking spaces remain; and the full dimension floor and site plan is submitted to the township.

Kevin Zacharski, the owner of the business, said conversations have been ongoing and that all the conditions make sense. He estimated it would take two months for the business to fulfill the requirements.

He indicated at the January meeting that it was the first time he had heard of the firewall requirement.   

Commissioner Richard Bentley asked if there’s been discussion regarding a fire separation wall.

“There is a firewall separating the display showroom and the front,” he said. “The occupancy permit is done, besides the three things the Fire Department asked to be done.”

Zacharski has agreed to remove many chemicals from inside, which could be stored behind the business in proper containers.

After a few more questions, Bentley said the current wall inside the facility is not a fire separation wall, but could be if the doors are rated.

“Your statement is that it is a fire separation wall. I don’t know if it’s been approved by the Fire Department,” Bentley said. “It’s still requiring there be a firewall.”

Commissioner Aaron Tuckfield said what concerns him is that the separation wall is required, and that the general public should not occupy the storage area of the facility.

“To me, it says the public is on one side of the firewall and the product stays on the other,” he said. “What I see here is a display room in the stock area.”

Zacharkski said he has been cooperating with the Fire Department in this process.

He said the question is how does the Fire Department define what is retail and what is storage.

The motion was unanimously approved for the special land use, pursuant to the six conditions.

It was also announced that the township is actively interviewing planning directors and that two candidates were brought in Jan. 31 for building tours.

The township has been without a planning director since May.

Also addressed at the meeting was the election of officers for the commission. Michael Hardy was appointed as chairman, Tuckfield as vice chairman and Bentley as secretary.