SOCRRA drop-off center temporarily closed for construction

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published October 11, 2017

OAKLAND COUNTY — The Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority’s Recycling Drop-Off Center, located in Troy, will be closed temporarily while the site is undergoing construction for several weeks.

The center, 995 Coolidge Highway, was closed this week and will stay closed until the end of November. This is due to construction at the Materials Recovery Facility to convert SOCRRA to single-stream recycling. The drop-off recycling area is located outside the Materials Recovery Facility.

SOCRRA Organizational Development Manager Colette Farris said the facility has been under construction for months, and now it’s in the phase where the actual equipment is being delivered.

“(We) ended up needing more space and more flexibility with the space for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is safety for everyone on-site,” she said.

Because of the closure, items such as Styrofoam, DVDs, CDs, hardcover books and cassette tapes can’t be recycled for the time being. These also are items that can’t be collected with the regular curbside pickup, Farris said.

“There’s a couple, sort of niche items, we only did at the drop-off center,” she said.

As it pertains to household hazardous waste and electronics recycling, SOCRRA plans to hold an event once per week at the Troy facility to take in those items. Details will be available at when SOCRRA firms up its plans.

Community Engagement Specialist for Royal Oak Judy Davids said she thinks any confusion in the beginning will be for people who go to the center routinely who aren’t aware that it is closed.

Speaking as a resident of the city, she said it’s nice to have a place close by where they can take those recyclables.

“We’re really lucky we can have something like that right in our backyard,” she said. “As a resident, I really like having something so useful really close by. Honestly, I can drop off stuff and … be back home in a half-hour.”

For anyone who feels that they need to recycle any of the items mentioned previously, Farris said SOCRRA hopes residents can hold onto those items for the time being.

“Depending on the volume, again, we feel like we’re accommodating our residents with our curbside program,” she said. “It doesn’t seem unreasonable that people would be able to hold onto those items in the interim.”

Farris added, “From our perspective, that’s really the only option we have for people right now, is to just hold on, maybe use your old bin to just hold onto those items, and then once we reopen, the people can bring those items to us.”