Shelby author releases newest book in romance series

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published January 28, 2021

 Shelby Township author Mary Bisciaio writes romance books under the pen name Tea DeLuca.

Shelby Township author Mary Bisciaio writes romance books under the pen name Tea DeLuca.

Photos provided by Mary Bisciaio

 Bisciaio released her 12th romance book, “Partners In Flight,” Jan. 18.

Bisciaio released her 12th romance book, “Partners In Flight,” Jan. 18.

Photo provided by Mary Bisciaio


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — A Shelby Township resident and author released the 12th book of her romance series Jan 18.

Mary Bisciaio, of Shelby Township, who uses the pen name Tea DeLuca, has released the book, titled “Partners In Flight.”

Bisciaio grew up in East Detroit, now Eastpointe, and lived in Warren. She moved to Shelby Township in 1982 after she got married.

Bisciaio was an educator for nearly 30 years and taught for what was then East Detroit Public Schools, which is now Eastpointe Community Schools. She taught English and American history for 27 years to eighth and ninth graders and alternative education students.

She began writing after many years of teaching high school English. She now spends much of her time in retirement focusing on her two passions, reading and writing. In addition to the romance books, Bisciaio also writes for Blue Water Healthy Living, an online magazine out of Port Huron.

Her new book is the third book in her Partners Series. It is about a seasoned airline pilot and an airport security agent. This follows her 10th and 11th books, “Forever Partners” and “Partners Against Crime,” which were released back in August. They are all full-length contemporary romance novels and meant to be read as stand-alone novels in any order.

Her newest book focuses on the fear of flying. The main character, Amelia Connors, faces this fear. It’s an intense paralysis fostered by an independent streak that refuses to relinquish control to a complete stranger. Nathan Coates is an accomplished airline pilot who is completely comfortable in the air. Recently widowed, he’s rebuilding his life and didn’t expect his reaction to the voice over his radio as he prepared to land at JFK International Airport. The voice belongs to Connors, and the book focuses on what they conquer for love.

Bisciaio said that, with the COVID-19 crisis going on, she has spent a lot of her time at home writing. She was able to write “Partners In Flight” and more.

“I’m halfway through book four, tentatively scheduled for release in April, and a sequel to my Christian romance, due out sometime during late summer,” she said in an email.

She said that as an incurable romantic, she falls in love with the characters and laughs at her own anxiety when they find themselves in crisis; only she has the ability to save them with a sweep of the pen.

She said that writing the books takes a lot of research.

“The research is always staggering. I literally had to learn the mechanics of flying a small aircraft from the preflight check to how it maneuvers in the sky compared to commercial aircraft. I had to read the articles about the phobia, though I couldn’t find much on how it’s treated. I left that to my author’s mind to suggest things to make travel possible,” said Bisciaio.

She said the research is always more difficult than the actual writing.

“In my books, I’ve studied law, medicine, police work, drug addiction, social problems, running a business, playing pool, being a soldier and, believe it or not, being an author,” said Bisciaio.

She believes it’s so important for credibility to know what one is writing about and to create that real world for the reader.

“You can’t believe how quickly someone will call you out in a review if you haven’t done your homework. I work diligently to get it right, and (I) am very fortunate to have a great daughter-in-law who not only proofreads my final copy one last time, but catches things that would never occur to me. For example, in one of my books she caught my sending the hero to the gate to meet a plane. Since 9-11, that’s no longer possible. Thank you, Melanie,” she said.

Melanie Bisciaio, Mary Bisciaio’s daughter-in-law, has been helping Mary put together the books by looking them over and making edits. She also attends Mary’s book signings and craft shows.

She said she feels lucky to be able to help and be a part of the process, especially since she too has an interest in romance novels.

“I enjoy helping her where I can during her writing process. This can be with research, editing or helping to choose the cover artwork. I’ve always been into supernatural-type authors like Anne Rice. Since Mary created Tea and began writing, I now have a fondness for contemporary romance, as well. She released her third book in the Partner Series this week, and I feel lucky to be one of its first readers,” Melanie Bisciaio said in an email.

She said she recommends reading the books in order because sometimes characters might return in another story.

“It’s always fun when you realize you recognize that character and how Tea pulls it all together,” she said.

Mary Bisciaio said she loves writing the books.

“All and all, I love my second career. I’ll never be rich, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction (and something to do right now). Thankfully, Red Wings hockey is back, and I’m cross stitching again for this year’s craft shows. They were all canceled last year, and I’ve really missed them,” she said.

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