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Sex education advisory board provides update

By: Alex Szwarc | C&G Newspapers | Published October 15, 2019


CLINTON TOWNSHIP/MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Every two years, an update is required from the Chippewa Valley Schools sex education advisory board.

That update came at the Oct. 7 Chippewa Valley Board of Education meeting.

The update was provided by Stephanie Lange, Chippewa Valley Schools student assistance specialist, and co-facilitator Kellie Roskey.

The advisory board consists of 26 members — seven parents, 11 staff members, four students, one public health educator, one pastor and two community partners. Three meetings are held each year.

The update covered what was done over the last two years at the elementary, middle and high school level.

“For elementary, we’re coming to the end of our five-year training schedule,” Lange said. “We’re going to schedule training for all fifth grade staff and physical education staff who provide puberty and maturation lessons.”

A couple of years ago, the advisory board switched education materials that parents could view, posting it online, rather than parents going to school to view the lessons.

At the fourth grade level, the “Just Around the Corner” girls program continues. A program for parents offers resources for parents to feel more confident about having conversations with children on puberty and sexual behavior expectations.      

For elementary schools, health curriculum was moved from sixth to seventh grade.

“That was a direct result of the work of our advisory board, between the community survey and working with our intermediate school district,” Lange said. “We realized it was a little misplaced in the sixth grade.”

Roskey said kids in seventh grade were more mature and ready to receive the information.

In the world of sex education, Lange said, the advisory board tries to stay on top of community issues.

“There’s a lot of current events for us to stay on top of,” she said. “With the internet, we want to make sure students are safe and prepared in things happening in the world.”

Over the last two years, the district realized that some of its special education programs needed to be revamped. Now, schools are using FLASH curriculum, a widely used comprehensive sexual health education curriculum designed to prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual violence.

The advisory board’s next meeting is at 7 p.m. Oct. 22 at the CVS Board Office, located at 19120 Cass Ave. in Clinton Township.

To learn more about the advisory board, visit and click on “District Reproductive Health Information” under the “Academics” tab.

Also at the meeting, the board approved a 2019 Red Ribbon Month resolution.

The Red Ribbon Campaign is a nationally recognized campaign for a drug-free America. October is celebrated as Red Ribbon Month across America. By approving the resolution, the board is promoting school, parent and community awareness of the issues of youth drug use.