School on brief lockdown due to home invasion

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published December 16, 2015


FRASER — The Fraser Department of Public Safety and Eisenhower Elementary took extra precautions Dec. 10 after a home invasion near the school.

Fraser Lt. Dan Kolke said the DPS received a call from a resident concerning some odd behavior in one neighborhood.

“Some neighbors called on Rainbow (Road) and said that they witnessed two males in the backyard of the house,” Kolke said. “When (the concerned neighbor) went to confront them it wasn’t the neighbors.

“The guys jumped in their car, backed out of the driveway and hit their car mirror on the brick, because they were parked so close. They took an iPad and it seemed like they tried to take the TV as well but gave up on that.”

Because the home invasion took place about three blocks over from Eisenhower Elementary, the DPS notified school administrators. As a result, a half-hour lockdown took place.

“We just do that as a precaution,” Kolke said. “It was the morning so it wasn’t when kids were getting out (of school), because some kids live in the subdivision.”

Shortly after the lockdown was announced, one parent circulated a notification letter from Eisenhower Principal Denis Metty on a Fraser Facebook page, which stated: “As a precautionary measure, the Fraser Police requested Eisenhower Elementary go into a building lockdown this morning due to a reported home invasion in the area. All outside doors were secured and staff has been notified of the situation. Students will be contained inside the school and there is limited ability for outside access to the building at this time.

“We will remain in a lockdown until we receive the ‘all clear’ from the Fraser Police Department. Please know there was no direct threat made to the school, and students are not in danger. The lockdown is a precautionary measure and our students are not in harm’s way.”

As of the morning of Dec. 11, Kolke said the department has leads on who committed the home invasion. However, no arrests were made at press time.