School board sets timeline for superintendent search process

By: April Lehmbeck | Grosse Pointe Times | Published February 17, 2015


GROSSE POINTES — The Grosse Pointe Public School System’s superintendent search consultants, School Exec Connect, sat down with the school board Feb. 9 to hammer out the details on the superintendent search.

The timeline will include a number of meetings with community, staff, the school board and others leading up to a meeting to select the final candidate May 11.

“This will be, if not the most important thing, one of the most important things this board will ever do, so our goal is to give as much information as possible, not only about what your community is saying, but also some of the things that we think are parameters you should be looking at,” School Exec Connect representative David Peterson said.

School Board President Judy Gafa said she is dedicated to the plan set out to find a superintendent.

“I want everyone in this room (and those) watching on TV to understand that I personally am committed to this process,” she said. “I have not handpicked a candidate, although I heard people said I had.

“This is going to be an open, transparent process with community involvement, and we are going to pick the best possible superintendent for this district,” she said. “We shouldn’t be naming anybody ahead of time. We need to let the best candidate rise to the top through this process, and I will march people to that drum.”

The process will include meeting with focus groups, including parents and community members in March, as well as a community survey. The board will use this information to help create a superintendent profile for the search.

“The more people talking, the more ideas that you have,” board Trustee Cindy Pangborn said.

They are planning to interview a field of selected candidates in 1.5-hour slots during the week of April 20.

“Our goal is to bring you five to six candidates to interview,” Peterson said.

Finalist interviews will be held in late April, according to the approved timeline.

The district has posted the calendar for the superintendent search on its website.