School board members argue for politeness and ‘decency’

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published December 22, 2015


EASTPOINTE — Members of the East Detroit Board of Education implored people to be kind and show “common decency” to one another, especially at this holiday time of year, during the board’s final regular meeting of 2015 on Dec. 14.

Trustee Jon Gruenberg said that for the previous couple of weeks, he had been thinking about the term “political correctness” and how he had noticed others considering it a badge of honor to not act in a politically correct way.

“Some people even said there’s an assault of Christmas because they only had (red) cups (at a coffee shop),” Gruenberg said. “They said that they’re doing that out of being politically correct. So I started to think about it, and to me, when I start to think about political correctness, it’s almost become a dirty word to be politically correct. I realized it’s not ‘political correctness.’ It’s common decency.”

Gruenberg said that while the majority of people in the United States are Christians and while Christmas is the most recognized holiday this time of year, out of respect for people of other faiths, he sees no problem wishing others “happy holidays.” 

Board President Craig Brozowski agreed, adding that while he does not know any non-Christians that have been offended by being wished a merry Christmas, it seemed equally strange for someone to get upset over being wished a “happy holiday.”

“I’m in full agreement with Mr. Gruenberg,” Brozowski said. “I’ll call it being polite, for crying out loud. It seems to be a badge of honor to not be, and that seems like a terrible thing to have, especially this time of year.”

He said that beyond religion, the Christmas season can be a difficult one for people dealing with depression or other issues. As such, Brozowski said people should be mindful that they never know what another person is going through or how they are feeling.

Brozowski closed his remarks by suggesting that everybody keep their loved ones close and appreciate them for who they are.