Rochester Hills changes 16 of its 32 precinct in response to COVID-19

Rochester, Oakland Township precincts remain the same

By: Mary Beth Almond | Rochester Post | Published July 28, 2020


ROCHESTER HILLS — COVID-19 has forced many municipalities, like Rochester Hills, to temporarily move precincts for upcoming elections.

Due to the coronavirus and social distancing, Rochester Hills City Clerk Tina Barton said the city moved all of its precincts that were located in churches and senior facilities to nearby schools, which she said offer larger spaces and wider hallways. Some school precincts have also temporarily moved, she said, due to construction at the school.

“We’ve pulled all of our precincts out of any type of senior facility — like Samaritas, Bellbrook, Avon on the Lake — being respectful of the fact that those precincts were in high-risk communities. Those precincts are now going to schools,” Barton said. “We’ve also pulled them out of churches because the law says that you have to make temporary precinct changes at least 60 days prior to an election, so we couldn’t wait to see what the governor’s orders were at that time, and some of the churches were not open to the public at all, and some of them still aren’t open to the public. We can’t expect them to allow us in if they aren’t even allowing their congregations in.”

Of Rochester Hill’s 32 precincts, Barton said 16 were temporarily relocated.

Precinct 1 moved from Faith Church to Hampton Elementary School, 530 Hampton Road. Precinct 2 went from Bellbrook to Meadow Brook Elementary School, 2350 Munster Road. Precinct 3 relocated from Meadows School to Avondale Middle School, 1445 W. Auburn Road. Precinct 5 went from Reuther Middle School to Rochester University, 800 W. Avon Road. Precinct 6 moved from Avon Clubhouse to Avondale Middle School. Precinct 8 relocated from Van Hoosen Middle School to Adams High School, 3200 W. Tienken Road. Precinct 11 went from Reuther Middle School to Rochester University. Precinct 13 went from Deerfield Elementary School to Avondale Middle School. Precinct 15 relocated from St. Mary’s of the Hills to Rochester High School, 1361 Walton Blvd. Precinct 22 moved from St. Luke’s Methodist Church to Brewster Elementary, 1535 Brewster Road. Precinct 23 changed from Samaritas to Long Meadow Elementary, 450 Allston Drive. Precinct 24 relocated from the Rochester Hills city offices to Hamlin Elementary School, 270 W. Tienken Road. Precinct 26 moved from Van Hoosen Middle School to Adams High School. Precinct 27 changed from St. Mary’s of the Hills to Rochester High School, 1361 Walton Blvd. Precinct 30 moved from St. Mary’s of the Hills to Rochester High School. Precinct 31 relocated from Reuther Middle School to Rochester University, 800 W. Avon.

If a precinct relocation change is required, Barton said notice is sent to all affected voter households prior to elections. Barton said the new, temporary precinct locations were also published in the Hills Herald and are available on the city’s website.

“We’ve also had banners made that will go up two weeks prior to the election in front of the precinct, letting any voter know that if they voted at the precinct where they would vote on election day in August,” she said.     

If a relocation is permanent, she said new voter identification cards are sent to all affected voters.

Rochester City Clerk Lee Ann O’Connor said she did not have to move any of Rochester’s six precincts.

“All of our precincts will be the same as always,” O’Connor  said.

Oakland Township’s eight precincts will also remain in their same locations, according to Deputy Clerk Roxanne Thatcher.

“We didn’t have to move any, but we did have to rearrange how they set up to make sure that the entrance and the exit has enough room or are separate for people to social distance,” Thatcher explained.

For more information on the Rochester Hills precinct changes, contact the Rochester Hills City Clerk’s Office at (248) 656-4630 or visit