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 Telly’s is zoned agricultural and currently has landscaping equipment being stored on its property, which neighbors say is creating a disturbance and does not fit the zoning.

Telly’s is zoned agricultural and currently has landscaping equipment being stored on its property, which neighbors say is creating a disturbance and does not fit the zoning.

Photo by Kara Szymanski

Residents concerned about Telly’s adding landscaping company to property

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published October 21, 2019

SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Shelby Township residents are voicing their concerns after noticing that an agriculturally zoned business has begun hosting large machines and new structures on its land.

Telly’s Greenhouse on 24 Mile Road has been operating a landscaping company out of its property for over a year, according to nearby residents. Residential properties surround the Telly’s property.

The landscaping company, R. Youngblood and Co., has begun storing many of its large trucks and equipment at Telly’s.

“They operate all hours of the day, 6 a.m. to 8-9 p.m. Imagine the sound of a garbage truck operating all day long in your backyard; the noise wears on you. Telly’s has no respect for the neighbors bordering his property, and has no intention of complying in any way,” said Corby Mason, who has lived in his home for 32 years.

Gerald Butler, who has lived at his home for 35 years, said that recently Telly’s constructed a pole barn for the storage of the landscaping company’s vehicles and equipment.

“The pole barn is on their property, directly behind my property. They started building the pole barn six months ago or so,” he said.

Butler mentioned that the nursery built it without a permit.

“They built the pole barn without a permit; apparently, you don’t need a permit if your property is zoned agricultural or farmland. The area the landscape company will be using is behind my property and behind four or five of my neighbors’ properties north of me,” said Butler.

Robert Marks, who has lived at his home for three years, said Telly’s is zoned agricultural and is supposed to be zoned commercial to be able to run a commercial business out of it.

“Telly’s property is zoned agricultural (and) operating in a residential area that is not zoned commercial and has been disobeying the laws on this matter for quite some time. As you can see, Telly’s is running a commercial business on this property since last year, and doing as they wish based on farmland rules through his nursery. This property again is being used as a commercial property, and the pole (barn) has Ryan Youngblood’s commercial landscaping equipment being stored in this agricultural barn that no permits were pulled on, and they are scattered all over the property daily,” he said.

Marks said it has been a “nightmare” to live next to the business and all of the machines.

“I must mention the nightmare this is for me and all of our neighbors in this residential area.  We are aware that flowers, shrubs and trees would be grown, but not a landscape business with noise, pollution, heavy equipment running all the time,” said Marks.

Residents are worried about this continuing and the township approving the changes at Telly’s.

Dorothy Mazurkiewicz, who has lived in her home for over 35 years, is one of the affected neighbors on Shelby Road.

“I agree with everything that Gerald and Robert have stated. Our quality of life has deteriorated greatly in the past year due to Telly bringing in an outside landscaping company into our backyards,” she said.

Mazurkiewicz said the fine line is whether the outside landscaping company fits in with the greenhouse on agricultural land.

“I understand agriculture-zoned land is for plants, animals, machinery and buildings used for operating that land. To the best of my knowledge, an independent landscaping company does not qualify,” she said.

Shelby Township was originally going to address Telly’s Greenhouse during its Zoning Board of Appeals meeting Oct. 3; however, the item was sent back to the Planning Commission due to issues.

Julie Misich, the acting planning director for Shelby Township, said the company that was located where Telly’s is now had a landscaping company running out of the location too.

“The owner would like to introduce a landscape company to operate out of that location. He is contending that a landscape company (Mueller’s) used to occupy the site years ago and that it’s appropriate to allow this use to continue,” said Misich.

Butler said he would like to have a solution to the issue so that residents will not suffer.

“I would like to see a 10-foot berm installed and no traffic within 50 feet of the property line,” said Butler.

Residents said that noise was never an issue with the previous company.

George Papadelis, the owner of Telly’s, said in an email that his business is excited to offer more services and has come up with a possible solution.    

“Telly’s is excited to expand its services to the Shelby Township community through its collaboration with R. Youngblood & Co. Mueller’s Sunrise Nursery and Landscape operated on the property for over four decades prior to Telly’s, providing design and installation services as well as plant growing and retail sales. Our collaboration with R. Youngblood & Co. will strengthen our ability to provide the similar services that Mueller’s provided. We look forward to knowing that we can fulfill the many requests of our customers who would like to purchase our products but require the need of design and installation assistance. This arrangement will enable us to better serve our customers, strengthen our business as a whole and ensure its continued viability,” he stated.

Papadelis said Telly’s has been in touch with residents who have concerns.

“We have always maintained open channels of communication with our neighbors. We have met with many of our neighbors and heard their concerns with this arrangement. In response to these concerns, our proposed site plan provides for the installation of a berm with evergreen trees along the east property line, similar to the berm along the west property line. We feel that the site plan, communication with our neighbors, and our commitment to resolving issues will reinforce our commitment to being great neighbors. We appreciate the support of Shelby Township through the years and will continue to work cooperatively with the township and our neighbors to maintain these strong relationships,” Papadelis stated.

A meeting is scheduled with the Planning Commission at 7 p.m. Oct. 28.

For more information about the issue, call the township at (586) 731-5100.