Practice planning during Severe Weather Awareness Week

By: Julie Snyder | C&G Newspapers | Published April 5, 2018

MACOMB COUNTY — During Severe Weather Awareness Week April 8-14, emergency preparedness officials in Macomb County are recommending that residents practice being ready in the event of any potential weather emergency.

“Heavy rain and flooding, lightning strikes, and even tornadoes are not uncommon in Macomb County,” said Vicki Wolber, director of the Macomb County Office of Emergency Management and Communications. “It is important for people to be prepared to take proper steps in the event of a weather emergency. Knowing about emergency alert signals and having a plan of action in place can save lives and reduce property damage.”

There are several systems in place to warn of impending danger, Wolber said.

These include outdoor warning sirens, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), television, radio, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather/all hazard alert radios. Many public and private companies also allow for these alerts and warnings to be sent electronically via cellphone to residents.

All of these warning systems alert people that there is a possible threat in the area.

In addition to knowing about hazards and warning systems, it is also important to plan ahead by creating an emergency plan. A guide was developed by the Macomb County Office of Emergency Management and Communications, which includes tips and tools for planning, including assembling an emergency supply kit, developing evacuation plans, creating an emergency communications plan and other important activities. The guide can be found at