Police seize assault rifle, handguns in parolee’s home

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published June 20, 2011


Troy police investigators seized a cache of guns at a home on Rochester Road when officers were called there on another matter June 3.

Police obtained a warrant and found a loaded assault rifle leaning against a wall in a bedroom, a .22-caliber pistol under a mattress and a .44-Magnum that was reported stolen in a home invasion in Oakland Township in 2010.

Police seized the firearms, and officers also found a large quantity of suspected stolen items in pillowcases, Troy Police Lt. Bob Redmond said.

The items included jewelry, a coin collection set, plastic bags filled with coins, 169 cardboard coin display cases, cameras and numerous watches. Officers also found marijuana and suspected narcotics, as well as five detailed instruction pages and diagrams on how to make methamphetamine. Redmond said one page of the handwritten instructions was on prison stationery from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Police charged the man with violating parole stemming from a charge of home invasion. Redmond couldn’t comment further on the case because police continue to investigate.