Pink hair don’t care

Trendy vivid hues light up hair scene

By: Kayla Dimick | C&G Newspapers | Published June 18, 2019

 Vivid hair color has been a growing trend for the last five years.

Vivid hair color has been a growing trend for the last five years.

Photo provided by Amy Craig

METRO DETROIT — These days, to rock vivid hair color, you don’t have to be an Instagram baddie or a punk rocker.  

You just need the courage and a little time.

According to local experts, vivid hair colors — like mermaid greens and blues, pastel pinks and purples, or even blood orange and fireball red — are taking the hair scene by storm, and it’s a trend everyone can get on board with.

Whether you aim to look ethereal and otherworldly or just want a little pop of color to rock in the boardroom, bright hair is a lot more accepted in society today than ever before.

Amy Craig, the owner of Hart and Harlow Salon in Clawson and Arid Blow Dry and Beauty Bar in Royal Oak, said she has seen the trend grow over the last five or six years.

“Vivids are a huge thing right now,” Craig said. “It’s a lot more socially acceptable than it was in the past. I’m putting peekaboo purple highlights in attorney’s hair. Before, that would be unthinkable. It’s pretty cool the way the trend has come up and it’s more acceptable now than it was before.”

Lacey Rickman, a hair designer at Ulta Beauty Salon in Chesterfield Township, said she has seen the trend evolve over its life span.

“At first, it was mainly younger clients doing it — teens to 20s. Now, it’s everyone — kids all the way up to the elderly. I think it’s wonderful people are able to express themselves at all ages,” Rickman said.

Throughout time, the colors that clients go for have changed too, Rickman said.

“When it first began, it was a lot of just solid colors. All purple or all pink,” she said. “Now, people do color melts with seven to eight different colors. People are going more for dimensional, vivid color now.”

While taking that leap into bright hair is fun and exciting, both Craig and Rickman said they make sure their clients know that it is a big commitment.

“Sometimes we get clients that want to get it done in an hour and a half, but you have to be completely blond — almost white-blond — for about 80% of the vivids, and getting there can take some extra cash,” Craig said. “I can take somebody from regular hair color to cotton candy pink in one day, but that’ll be at the apex of the cost and it’ll take up to six hours, depending on your hair, and anywhere from $100 to $175 an hour, depending on the quality of the product used.”

Rickman said she recommends consulting your stylist on what would work for your particular hair type.

“You have to have your hair not only lightened enough to achieve the desired color, but you also have to maintain that color by coming every four to five weeks to refresh the color and lighten any new growth,” she said. “People should also know that not every vivid color is achievable for every person. It all depends on how dark or light you are naturally, and what you’re trying to achieve.”

To see if a vivid color is something that suits you and something you want to commit to, Craig suggests testing the waters with some faux hair.

“Extensions are a great, no-commitment way to try vivid hair color without dying your hair and having to lift (the color) through multiple levels,” she said. “The most responsible way, honestly, is to do tape-in extensions or even just get a wig in the color you are thinking.”

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, Craig said the possibilities are infinite.

“I think (the trend) has been improving in visibility — right now is really the zenith of what we’re capable of. Stylists are not limited at all by social constraints, and as long as you have a client that’s willing and wants to take that step off, the options are endless,” Craig said.