Pawfficer Badges to keep paw and order in the new Feline Unit of Troy PD

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published May 8, 2018

 This 5-week-old kitty tries out for a position with the Feline Unit at the Troy Police Department April 6.

This 5-week-old kitty tries out for a position with the Feline Unit at the Troy Police Department April 6.

File photo by Deb Jacques

TROY — The newest recruit to join the ranks of the Troy Police Department is scheduled to report for duty May 11. 

Pawfficer Badges edged out her siblings to earn the spot of top cat, showing the brass that she has the right stuff to get the job done. She had to wait to step into her duties until she made weight and was spayed. She had to reach 2 pounds before reporting for duty. 

Troy police polled the community on social media to name the cat. It was only fitting, since social media is how the department’s public information office purr-suaded police administration to establish a Feline Unit. 

The Troy Police Department is active on Facebook and Twitter. Last month, police said they would add the Feline Unit if 10,000 people followed them on Twitter  — and they hit that number. 

“We approached Morse Elementary School and got suggestions for names from every class,” said Troy Police Department Sgt. Meghan Lehman. Police also took suggestions from residents, and that’s where the winning name was submitted. 

The finalist names were:

• Pawfficer Pawla.

• Pawfficer Katrina.

• Pawfficer Badges. 

• Pawfficer Donut. 

“Badges and Donut were fairly close,” Lehman said. A total of 2,256 votes were cast on Twitter. “Badges” also got the most comments on the Troy police Facebook page. 

Lehman said she has warned Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer that the cat may “think it’s in charge.” 

“Pawfficer Badges is the latest example of our community outreach to humanize the badge and help people realize that we are people too,” Mayer said via email. “Relating to the community and showing people our human side is an essential part of police work today. I had no idea that we would generate such a positive reaction and so much interest.”

The Feline Unit will be brought in for special duties as needed and will not be on duty all the time. When not on the job, the Troy police cat will live with a dispatch staff member, who has two other cats in her home. 

For information on Pawfficer Badges’ meowing-in ceremony, check Twitter @TroyMI_Police and