Open house addresses recreation, trails and mobility

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published October 26, 2020


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — In back-to-back weeks, Macomb Township residents had the chance to ask questions and give feedback regarding the township’s future.

On Oct. 21, the Macomb Township Planning Department hosted its second of three virtual open houses in support of the township’s ongoing master planning efforts.

This time, the subject was Macomb Township recreation, trails and mobility.

Macomb Township Planning Director Josh Bocks said the master planning process is guided by public engagement, and the resulting document is a guiding document that provided input for several areas in the township.

The panel included Sal DiCaro, Macomb Township Parks and Recreation director, and Macomb County Program Manager, Land & Water Resources Group Gerry Santoro.

DiCaro provided an overview of the parks and recreation department, including when millages were passed by voters.

He said the next millage would go before voters in the near future. The current millage expires in 2022.

Township parks highlighted at the open house were Waldenburg Park, which opened in 2001; Macomb Corners Park, which opened in 2004; Macomb Town Center; and the 26 Mile Nature Preserve, which is the department’s newest park and opened in August.  

Regarding future developments, DiCaro said the plan is to design a park in the area of 24 Mile and Foss roads.

“As the township continues to grow, so does the need for more park space,” he said. “We’re very aware there are no parks west of Romeo Plank and are always looking to explore possibilities to increase park lands, especially in the south end of the township.”  

Santoro indicated that the county advocates for park land, trails, water trails, conservation and other open space opportunities around the county.

“We assist local governments in acquiring these types of assets for the benefit of everyone in the county,” he said.

The next open house was scheduled for Oct. 27, after press time.