One of five suspects in marijuana case retains different attorney

Case adjourned for further plea negotiations

By: Sarah Wojcik | Shelby - Utica News | Published May 3, 2016


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — On April 26, 41-A District Court Judge Douglas Shepherd agreed to an adjournment of a case regarding an alleged marijuana dispensary that police raided and shut down July 10, 2015.

Police said they arrested five men and seized 12 pounds and 200 jars of marijuana, 993 marijuana edibles, a large variety of drug paraphernalia and $10,000 in cash from Advance Medical Supply, located near Van Dyke Avenue and 23 Mile Road.

Danny Jamil, of Warren; Ryan Masters, of Sterling Heights; Andrew Zuhrab, of Shelby Township; David Pando, of Washington Township; and David Carbone, of Roseville, were arraigned Jan. 28.

Charges include multiple counts of delivery of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and conspiracy. The charges are all four-year felonies.

On April 26, Carbone appeared with a different defense attorney, Paul Misukewicz. Defense attorney Zoran Mitrovski continued to represent the four other co-defendants.

“He came in and consulted with me and retained me,” Misukewicz said. “When we come back in June, I expect there will be some movement on this case.”

The preliminary examination is set for 1:30 p.m. June 2.

Mitrovski said he does not plan to call any witnesses but expects that the prosecution will.

Police said the suspects were running a marijuana dispensary, which is not allowed under Shelby Township’s ordinance, under the guise of a medical supply store. The township recently extended its moratorium on marijuana dispensaries because Township Attorney Rob Huth said state law on the matter is unclear.

Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shelide said the suspects were operating outside of the Medical Marihuana Act in the volume of marijuana that they were selling and the manner in which they were selling it.

Advance Medical Supply opened in February 2015, and police said they began receiving complaints in March. After several months of surveillance and undercover buys, law enforcement launched the raids, police said.

At approximately noon July 10, 2015, multiple law enforcement agencies searched Advance Medical Supply and four residences. They arrested Jamil, Zuhrab, Pando and Carbone at the business and Masters near his residence in Sterling Heights, police said.

Police also reported that they seized four vehicles and several guns, and estimated the entire seizure’s street value to be approximately $100,000.

In a written statement, Mitrovski said, “Statements previously released by police regarding my clients were not only inaccurate, but very misleading. Frankly, I’m shocked that they were even charged. My clients were acting within the limits of the law and pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan Marihuana Act, and I believe that they will be vindicated at trial.”

Dena Keller, an assistant prosecuting attorney with the drug unit at the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, agreed with the recommendation to adjourn the preliminary examination.

All five of the defendants are free on personal bond.