North Avenue widening project between 21 Mile, Hall now complete

By: Joshua Gordon | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published August 28, 2017

 The construction project on North Avenue in Macomb Township widened the road to five lanes and cost $4.8 million.

The construction project on North Avenue in Macomb Township widened the road to five lanes and cost $4.8 million.

Photo by Joshua Gordon


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Macomb Township commuters will have a quicker drive up and down North Avenue this fall with the widening project on the road between 21 Mile and Hall roads now complete.

Bryan Santo, director of Macomb County Department of Roads, said the project was completed in mid-August. North Avenue was expanded from two lanes between 21 Mile and Hall to five lanes over the mile-long stretch.

The design for the project began in 2016 with the first phase of construction beginning in March. The road was only completely shut down for just over two days in the beginning to replace a culvert.

Otherwise, one lane in each direction was open during the duration of the work.

“Start to finish, this was a great project,” Santo said. “The contractors did a great job once again, and we were able to maintain one lane of traffic north and southbound through the entire project.”

The road went from asphalt to concrete, Santo said, with new curbs and gutters.

Groesbeck Highway south of Hall Road is five lanes, and the widening project now continues that flow of traffic through to 21 Mile.

Macomb Township Supervisor Janet Dunn said, with the continued growth of development and uptick in people in the township, traffic has necessitated wider roads.

And with Atwood Elementary on North Avenue between 21 Mile and Hall, it will make things run smoother during the school year.

“With the school in there, especially, it will alleviate a lot of congestion and the stop and go,” Dunn said. “Other sections of the township are pretty well developed, and now new home construction is being built in that quadrant and people are driving home from work taking North Avenue.

“Any widening is absolutely going to help.”

Santo said the project cost $4.8 million, with about 80 percent being paid for with federal and state funding. Macomb County and Macomb Township each contributed 10 percent to cover the remaining cost.

Santo said the Macomb County portion of the funding came from money they receive as part of the gas tax.

Focus now turns to 23 Mile Road in Macomb Township and more widening. Santo said the first portion will be the section between North Avenue and Fairchild Road.

The county is looking to get the project under contract by the end of the year, with construction starting in 2018. Then, the widening project will move west on 23 Mile to Romeo Plank, eventually making the entire corridor five lanes.

After 23 Mile, Santo said the hope is to turn the attention back to the north and south connectors to truly make the area easier to navigate and access.

Dunn said widening 23 Mile will not only help with residential development, but commercial and industrial projects as well.

“This is really going to help very much the traffic that uses 23 Mile Road as a throughway,” she said. “Industrial development is all along that corridor in large amounts, and shopping, so this will help funnel a lot of that traffic and the widening of North is the start of helping that.”