Supervisor Dunn retains seat

New trustee, clerk join board

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published November 9, 2016


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Macomb Township Supervisor Janet Dunn was re-elected to her position for the next four years.

In the general election Nov. 8, Dunn, a Republican who was facing no official opposition from a Democrat, received 29,182 votes. Although the number of write-in votes cast for Mark Grabow was not known at press time, the number of total votes cast in the township was just less than 45,000.

“The goal is to get the township up and running again now that this election is over, and get to the business at hand,” Dunn said.

The contest between Dunn and Grabow was a bit of a rubber match, as Grabow served as township supervisor from 2008-2012 before Dunn was elected.

Dunn was openly criticized by Grabow for several months at public meetings preceding the election. Grabow frequently called for Dunn’s resignation, especially recently due to the arrest of Trustee Clifford Freitas by the FBI for a bribery charge relating to the township’s waste contract with Rizzo Environmental.

Grabow also frequently criticized trustee Dino Bucci, who was re-elected. A lawsuit has been filed by Gianna Investments against Bucci on an extortion charge.

With those matters still pending, Dunn said she will focus on the business at hand in the township.

“I have two new people on the board, so it’s going to take a little to get them used to the procedures, what we do and how meetings are conducted, and how they should do their homework ahead of time,” Dunn said. “We’re getting there.”

Tim Bussineau will take the spot of Freitas as a Trustee, while Kristi Pozzi will be the new clerk.

To get Bussineau and Pozzi up to speed, along with other township committees, Dunn said she will hold a joint meeting of all of the boards like she did four years ago.

“It was very informal and very open. Anyone could bring up any subject they’d want,” Dunn said. “There was general discussion on different things, and we kind of got the feel of where the township board was heading and how we were going to do it.”

Local voting turnout high
Interim Clerk Ed Carey said the biggest complaint his office received throughout election day was that township precincts ran out of “I Voted” stickers.

Despite a voter turnout of 75 percent, Carey said there were no major issues with counting ballots on election day.

“First thing in the morning, you get lines when everything is getting started, but they processed them fairly quickly and managed through that,” Carey said.  “Everybody got to vote in a reasonable amount of time, as far as I know.”

The township issued 13,763 absentee ballots and received back 96 percent of them. Carey said the number of votes cast by absentee ballot was the highest he could remember.