A Genisys Credit Union representative presents a community mural during a Nov. 19 Sterling Heights City Council meeting.

A Genisys Credit Union representative presents a community mural during a Nov. 19 Sterling Heights City Council meeting.

Screenshot courtesy of Sterling Heights Television

New mural project to show Sterling Heights residents’ work

By: Eric Czarnik | Sterling Heights Sentry | Published December 10, 2019


STERLING HEIGHTS — A credit union is giving the community of Sterling Heights ample credit within its summer mural project.

During a Nov. 19 meeting, the Sterling Heights City Council welcomed a new mural spearheaded by Genisys Credit Union. The credit union helped organize the idea at the July 2019 Sterlingfest Art & Music Fair by inviting the public to its tent to contribute their artistic spin on a mural concept.

The Auburn Hills-based credit union held a November grand opening of its new branch in Sterling Heights, on Van Dyke Avenue. Sterling Heights Parks and Recreation Director Kyle Langlois discussed the city’s partnership with the credit union, adding that the two parties are on a mutual mission.

“One of the things that I appreciate most about Genisys Credit Union is, not only do they bring financial support to us, but they also try to find ways to add value to whatever it is that they are supporting,” Langlois said.

Artist David Cascardo created the basic mural concept, but he left it uncolored. So the kids and families at Sterlingfest had the assignment of coloring it in. The finished mural design depicts a vibrant outdoor festival theme, complete with a smiling sun and music notes.

Genisys marketing vice president Heather Pizzala said the project encouraged the public to color, add designs or shapes, and more. The original artist then took the public’s rendition and polished it up.

She said the credit union is proud of the result.

“We hope you are able to enjoy it for a lot of years to come,” she said.

Mayor Pro Tem Liz Sierawski thanked the credit union for arranging the mural.

“My mom was an art teacher, so I grew up with a lot of art and a lot of coloring and a lot of painting and a lot of free work in our home to make things more beautiful,” she said. “And there’s nothing better than just having something done by our residents to bring out the best of our city and to make us appreciate it even more.”

Mayor Michael Taylor said he remembers making an orange balloon at the bottom of the mural, and his kids worked on the project, too.

“What’s great about art is how it does bring the community together,” he said. “Usually, we say it in a figurative way, but here, art was literally bringing the community together, and we have this awesome mural.”

According to Sterling Heights Community Relations Director Melanie Davis, the new mural will debut inside the upcoming community center at Dodge Park and Utica roads when the facility opens in 2020.

Find out more about Sterling Heights by visiting www.sterling-heights.net or by calling (586) 446-2489. Learn about Genisys Credit Union by visiting www.genisyscu.org.