New hitching posts are ready to accommodate horse riders at Cranberry Lake Park, on Predmore Road.

New hitching posts are ready to accommodate horse riders at Cranberry Lake Park, on Predmore Road.

Photo provided by Oakland Township

New hitching posts aid township equestrians

By: Linda Shepard | Rochester Post | Published November 16, 2018


OAKLAND TOWNSHIP — Horse riding enthusiasts can utilize two new hitching posts at Cranberry Lake Park, on Predmore Road.

The new posts were provided by the Addison Oaks Trail Riders, with aid from the Oakland Township Historic District Commission.

“Horses were a part of this farmstead in the early 1840s, and it’s great that we continue to extend their welcome today — 178 years and counting,” Addison Oaks Trail Riders Chairman David Phillips said in a statement. “When the area was farmed for agriculture, throughout our history horses were an integral part of plowing the fields and completing farm chores, as well as deliveries of produce.”  

Horses are currently allowed and welcome on the Paint Creek Trail in limited areas. Because of local ordinances, though, horses are not allowed on the Rochester or Rochester Hills portions of the trail.

Paint Creek Trail horse riding is allowed from north of Dutton Road to Atwater Street in Lake Orion, approximately 7 miles of the trail. Township officials ask horse riders to stay on the limestone portion of the trail to reduce damage to the trail asphalt.

“Many of our township parks allow for equestrian use,” said Becky McLogan, Oakland Township’s recreation manager. “We ask that you don’t ride during the muddy season. It ruins the trails. They get soft.”

Equestrians are also asked to clean up after their horses or to walk them to a grassy area. Horse riders should travel on the right side of trails and pass on the left.

“Living in a township where horses are not only welcome in its parks but (where riders) are given parking privileges is great,” Oakland Township resident Libby Dwyer said in a statement. “I know of many equestrians who are selling their acreage due to lack of riding trails. Thank goodness this is not the case in Oakland Township.”

Dwyer, an equestrian, is a member of the Addison Oaks Trail Riders. The organization paid for the new hitching posts at a cost of approximately $250.

In addition to the hitching posts, Cranberry Lake Park offers equestrians a connection to Addison Oaks Park in Addison County.

“Having the Addison Oaks Connector Trail linked with Cranberry Lake Park was a great addition to our annual Camp’N Ride event this year,” Addison Oaks Trail Riders member Tracy Evans said in a statement.

“Not only did it provide more miles to ride, but equestrians were offered a hitching post and restroom facilities at the halfway point,” she said. “Many thanks to the Oakland Township Historic District Commission for adding these perks for all park users to enjoy.”