Middle school adds second full-time assistant principal

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published December 15, 2015

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ROSEVILLE — The Roseville Community Schools Board of Education voted 5-0 for Roseville Middle School to get a full-time assistant principal, owing to the school’s sizable student population.

Jacob Mowinski has been serving in the role part time, Superintendent John Kment said, but due to an increase in the number of students, the building now needs a full-time assistant principal to keep up.

“We have almost 800 students at the (Roseville Middle School) level,” Kment said. “If you can remember back to raising your own middle school students, they do a lot of running and bumping into each other, and the hormones are in acceleration. We are recommending that his position become a full-time position.”

Assistant Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski said keeping up with student discipline was just one factor in the decision to make Mowinski a full-time assistant principal. The increase in students also means the school has more teachers, and since part of the administration’s job involves teacher evaluations and classroom observations, it was difficult for administrators to keep up.

Additionally, Mowinski had been splitting his time between being an assistant principal and teaching two social studies classes. Another teacher is able to take on the social studies workload that Mowinski was dealing with, Blaszkowski said, leaving him free to move to full time.

“The problem with that was all the requirements you need to do as a teacher … plus all the assistant principal duties on top of that; he was getting pulled out of class to handle an issue, because it was something he had handled before,” Blaszkowski said. “It was not an efficient way to support the teachers or the students.”

As a full-time assistant principal, Mowinski will be performing more teacher evaluations and providing feedback, as well as dealing with more disciplinary measures than he was before, Blaszkowski said. This should relieve pressure on the school’s existing full-time principal, Jason Bettin, and the other full-time assistant principal, Donna Robinson, he added.

“All of that is very important work that has to happen to run an efficient and successful school,” Blaszkowski said. “Jake has done an outstanding job trying to juggle both jobs. We appreciate the hard work he’s done and look forward to continuing working with Jake as a full-time assistant principal.”

The district will see a slight cost increase as a result of the change, Blaszkowski said. Since Mowinski’s classes are being taken over by another teacher, that person will be retaining the same salary, and Mowinski himself will see a change in his pay to reflect that he will be working an additional two hours a day as an assistant principal.

Mowinski’s move to full time is a permanent one for the foreseeable future, he added.