The Interstate 696 construction project is about 30 percent completed. Concrete has been poured and paved onto the westbound lanes.

The Interstate 696 construction project is about 30 percent completed. Concrete has been poured and paved onto the westbound lanes.

Photo by Deb Jacques

MDOT says it’s still on schedule with Interstate 696 construction

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published August 6, 2018


WARREN/ROSEVILLE — The Michigan Department of Transportation is continuing construction on Interstate 696 as part of the Restore the Reuther project, and since April, it has completed about 30 percent of the $110 million construction project in Oakland and Macomb counties. 

MDOT had estimated during the early days of project planning that eastbound traffic would probably be shifted to the westbound lanes sometime in late July. 

The contract for this project has only one hard deadline date, and that is the completion date in early November, MDOT spokesperson Diane Cross stated in an email to C & G Newspapers. All other staging and scheduling is determined by the contractor, who is now estimating mid-August for the shift, she stated. 

The latest in Warren, according to Cross, is the eastbound I-696 closure of the Dequindre ramp from Aug. 6 until mid-August.

“Crews will remove/replace the concrete on the ramp so it is completed and ready for use after we shift (eastbound) traffic to the new concrete,” stated Cross. 

Cross also stated that once traffic is switched to the new concrete, the fourth right lane will become a local lane to the Dequindre ramp.

“The only other two exits will be Mound (Road) and Groesbeck (Highway). There will not be any entrance ramps to (eastbound) 696 in Macomb County. Drivers will need to be on (eastbound) in Oakland (county) or enter at the last entry ramp of (Interstate) 75, in order to use (eastbound) in Macomb (county),” stated Cross.

Westbound I-696 travel will remain closed in Macomb County for the duration of the project.

As for the weather, it’s “only been an issue when concrete needed to be poured/paved,” Cross stated. 

Cross also stated that the only other issue the project has encountered was the discovery of a “mistake” that reportedly required the removal and replacement of newly poured concrete in a two-lane, half-mile section near Gratiot Avenue.

“The only big issue was the one area already dealt with previously. It is a big project with many moving parts, approximately 400 contractors out there working long days and nights to meet our reopening in early November,” stated Cross. 

Roseville City Manager Scott Adkins stated in an email Aug. 3 how residents could submit complaints. 

“If residents are experiencing any issues with the project, we are encouraging them to report the issues to the city or directly to MDOT for resolution. We often see many posts on social media that appear after the situation and are not able to correct, so timeliness is a key in reporting the concerns,” stated Adkins. 

Adkins also stated that the city hasn’t received many complaints. 

“We are not really receiving any complaints relating to the project. I have only received three complaints in the past 45 days (from the same one resident) and all of those have been forwarded to MDOT and resolved to the best of my knowledge,” he stated. 

“We continue to have the police department through the traffic bureau and routine patrols police the service drive detour area for traffic enforcement purposes.  Chief (James) Berlin has indicated that there have been no significant issues as a result. We are also continuing an open dialogue with MDOT project managers with any matters or concerns that may arise,” he added. 

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