Marketing company employees rescue ducks from drain

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published May 10, 2017


TROY — Four baby ducklings are safe with their mama and three others are safe at the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center after employees at AIP Marketing rescued them from a drain in the business’s parking lot May 5. 

According to reports, employees of AIP Marketing, 2041 E. Square Lake Road, called the Troy Fire Department for help because several ducklings had fallen into a storm drain. 

Troy Assistant Fire Chief Chuck Riesterer said Troy Fire Lt. Tonya Perry was dispatched to the scene to determine the need for the Fire Department to respond. 

Before Perry arrived, the employees had retrieved seven of the ducklings, Riesterer said. He said the mother waited for employees to rescue four of the ducklings, then left the area with the four. Employees rescued the last three and searched the area, the drain and a nearby detention pond for the other ducks, but could not find them, Riesterer said. 

“If an animal is at risk and there’s no means to get them out or for them to get out, call us. We don’t want people to put themselves at risk,” Riesterer said. He explained that animal rescues are not always as simple as they may appear. For example, if the rescue involves the young, the parents may be in the immediate area to protect their offspring, which can pose a danger to people and responders rendering assistance. 

Incidents are sometimes referred to Oakland County Animal Control. 

He said the three ducklings were turned over to the county, and they will be cared for and given to a wildlife rehabilitator. 

Riesterer said that people who encounter an animal that appears to be trapped should keep in mind that it may be injured and it may be dangerous to approach.  

“Before taking action, make sure it is safe. Contact the local police and/or fire department.  The decision to assist is made by taking into account any danger present to people and to the animals, resources available, and the likelihood of success,” Riesterer said.