A work zone camera shows the progress on the Maple/Middlebelt roundabout Nov. 26.

A work zone camera shows the progress on the Maple/Middlebelt roundabout Nov. 26.

Photo provided by the Road Commission for Oakland County

Maple/Middlebelt roundabout opening delayed

Weather moves construction into December

West Bloomfield Beacon | Published November 27, 2019


By the C & G News Staff

WEST BLOOMFIELD — Weather has put a damper on the opening of the Maple Road/Middlebelt Road roundabout, according to the Road Commission for Oakland County.

The Road Commission delayed the opening of the roundabout until approximately mid-December, due to weather-related issues.

The intersection has been closed since Sept. 14 and was expected to reopen in late November. The Road Commission said the contractor for the project, Angelo Iafarate, has dedicated additional resources to the project in order to complete it this year.   

“We appreciate the public’s patience while we work to improve the intersection,” Road Commission Managing Director Dennis Kolar said. “Unfortunately, this morning’s weather and the Veterans Day snowstorm have not been favorable for paving operations,” he said in a statement released Nov. 27, a wet, windy day. “However, the contractor plans to resume that work during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.”

“The intersection itself is currently in terrible shape,” Road Commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson said in September. “The concrete in the intersection was just crumbling, so something had to be done.”

Bryson said previously that a Road Commission staff analysis had determined that a roundabout would help in several ways.

“First, roundabouts can provide greater capacity at the intersection, so you get more cars going through the intersection than a signalized intersection to reduce congestion,” he said.

Bryson said roundabouts are also safer than signalized intersections.

The work includes drainage improvements, water main replacements and upgraded pedestrian crosswalks that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

West Bloomfield Township Supervisor Steven Kaplan said previously that the improvement of the road will benefit the entire community.

“If you took a poll of the residents, those who don’t live in the immediate area of construction, I think, are pleased with the construction of the roundabout because when they are in that area it will facilitate movement of traffic. Those who live in the immediate area are not pleased because it is going to cause delays and have an impact on ordinary driving patterns, but that doesn’t mean at the end of the road, pun intended, they won’t be happy,” he said previously. “When it is all said and done, when the roundabout is completed, it’s favorable to the township because it helps our motorists.”

The Maple Road and Middlebelt Road intersection carries approximately 31,000 vehicles per day, according to officials.

The overall project will cost approximately $6.6 million, funded by a mix of federal and local dollars, with the local funding shared between the Road Commission, West Bloomfield Township and Oakland County.

Work-zone cameras have been installed so people can watch the construction. The cameras take photos every 15 minutes between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., the Road Commission said. Click here to access the cameras. For more information, visit the RCOC's website.

Staff Writer Mary Beth Almond contributed to this report.