Many expectant parents are choosing a more simplistic  look for their new baby’s nursery. Picking out paint colors and the  right accessories is usually a fun task for new parents.

Many expectant parents are choosing a more simplistic look for their new baby’s nursery. Picking out paint colors and the right accessories is usually a fun task for new parents.

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Making room for baby with paint and accessories

By: Maria Allard | C&G Newspapers | Published July 10, 2018

METRO DETROIT — One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is the birth of a baby.

For parents-to-be or for moms and dads whose families are expanding, there is so much to do before the baby arrives, and that includes decorating and painting the nursery.

“We get a lot of women who come in getting ready for their first child,” said Kevin Westfall, general manager of Teknicolor Paints, which has paint stores in Birmingham, Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe Woods, Canton, Redford and Pontiac. “You can tell it’s a special event that is going to take place. It’s kind of always fun. A lot of times, we get people picking colors and (they) say, ‘This is hard.’ Moms will come in with the bedding or will have a teddy bear they are trying to match.”

According to Westfall, many who shop at Teknicolor Paints stick with tradition and choose pinks for the walls if the baby-to-be is a girl, and favor blue hues if it’s going to be a boy. Most times, the shades are pastels. Westfall also notices that some customers choose neither pink nor blue and go with a shade of green.

“Some go with a two-tone room, but for the most part, it’s one-color rooms,” Westfall said. “Gray has been a big item. We’ll see yellow. We’ll see peach. Very seldom do we see the deep primaries.

“We’re seeing more window blinds,” said Westfall, adding that wallpaper has also been making a comeback. “It’s a big fashion thing again.” 

The Teknicolor Paints stores have a color card specially designed for nurseries. Some paint brands also are allergy- and asthma-friendly.

Lori Fillmore, of Art To You, has been creating murals for baby nurseries for 21 years. At one time, themes — such as Beatrix Potter, Elmo or Winnie the Pooh — for the new baby’s room were popular, but currently that is not the case.

“I’m seeing a lot less characters. Before, there would be bold colors. Right now, things are more simple and clean,” said Fillmore, of Royal Oak. “I think that’s more of an extension of peoples’ homes now. One of the things that stands the test of time is a tree painted in a room. The paint I use has zero odor and no toxic fumes.”

One current trend for the baby’s room is painting or using lettering or stencils to place the newborn’s name on the wall. Fillmore also is getting requests for wallpaper.

“People do love wallpaper right now,” Fillmore said. “I see geometric patterns and hexagon shapes. It’s got a simplicity to it. If you want a more gender-neutral room, there’s a lot of monochrome.”

When getting ready to paint a mural, it helps Fillmore if the nursery is already set up.

“I personally like when they have the crib picked out or the (room’s) measurements; you can design around it,” Fillmore said. 

At Apple Blossom Baby — which offers layettes, gifts and nursery decor — many parents-to-be are seeking a minimalist look for the nursery. People also are choosing organic products. 

“What’s trending right now is the natural look,” said Lisa Chalker, who co-owns Apple Blossom Baby in Grosse Pointe Woods with Anne Michaels. “The look is more simple and more handmade as opposed to 20 years ago with cartoon characters. When it comes to decor, people are more design-forward.” 

Different accessories to adorn a baby’s room may include decorative pillows or lamps featuring different figures, such as bunnies.

“We have some knit bunting flags to soften the nursery,” Chalker added.

Crib mobiles, many of them crocheted, are a popular item for new babies at Apple Blossom Baby.  

“These aren’t the old mobiles that click on,” Chalker said, adding they also can be used as the child gets older. “They’re more decorative. Some are pastels with birds, bunny rabbits and woodland and farm animals.”

When expectant parents shop for the new baby’s room, “they’re beyond excited, especially when it’s the first one,” Chalker said. 

To contact Teknicolor Paints, call (248) 830-9758. To contact Lori Fillmore, call (248) 259-5492. To contact Apple Blossom Baby, call (313) 881-7227.