Madison Heights, Hazel Park voters choose local judges, county commissioners

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published November 8, 2018

MADISON HEIGHTS/HAZEL PARK — Voters in the general election Nov. 6 in Madison Heights and Hazel Park selected judges and county commissioners.

Over in the 43rd District Court, two candidates were running for one six-year position. Keith Hunt, the incumbent, won by a landslide, taking 77.87 percent of the vote (15,428 votes).

His opponent, Jim Osak, took 21.38 percent (4,235 votes). There were 149 unassigned write-ins accounting for 0.75 percent of the vote.

In the 6th Circuit Court, two candidates were also running for one six-year position. Both are new to the position. The winner was Jake Cunningham with 52.20 percent of the vote (216,648 votes).

His opponent, Dan Christ, came up short at 47.14 percent (195,646 votes). There were 2,739 unassigned write-ins accounting for 0.66 percent of the vote.

In the race for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners District 18 seat, Democratic incumbent Helaine Zack claimed another two-year term, besting her Republican opponent, Steven Zimberg. Zack took 80.52 percent (20,555 votes), while Zimberg took 19.25 percent (4,914 votes).  There were 58 unassigned write-ins accounting for 0.23 percent.

And in the race for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners District 20 seat, Democratic incumbent Gary McGillivray prevailed over Republican challenger Chris Adams. McGillivray claimed the two-year position with 65.03 percent of the vote (14,185 votes), while Adams took 34.75 percent (7,580 votes). There were 43 unassigned write-ins accounting for 0.21 percent of the vote.  

“This will be my sixth term,” McGillivray said. “I’m happy that I won, certainly. We also gained a majority on our Board of Commissioners — we (the Democrats) will be the majority now. I don’t want to make huge changes, however. I like to build relationships with the opposing party, and to get things done that way. But I’m also looking forward to having a bit more input (as a majority).

“I think it’s also important that we are good stewards of the taxpayers’ money,” he added. “As I like to say, instead of buying a Cadillac, a Ford will do the same job, and for less money.”

Among the biggest state issues on the ballot were the race for governor and Proposal 18-1, which legalizes recreational marijuana. Election results showed that voters in Madison Heights and Hazel Park favored Gretchen Whitmer for governor and supported Proposal 18-1.

In Madison Heights, 7,180 voters supported Proposal 18-1 while 3,809 voters opposed it. Among Hazel Park voters, 4,200 voters supported the measure while 1,389 voters opposed it. All three statewide proposals passed.

For the governor’s race, in Madison Heights, 6,600 voters supported Whitmer, the Democratic winner, while 4,043 voters supported Republican Bill Schuette; 192 voters supported  Libertarian Bill Gelineau; 104 voters supported Green Party candidate Jennifer Kurland; 76 voters supported  U.S. Taxpayers Party candidate Todd Schleiger; and 31 voters supported Keith Butkovich, of the Natural Law Party.

In Hazel Park, the breakdown went 3,697 votes for Whitmer, 1,696 votes for Schuette, 93 votes for Gelineau, 80 votes for Kurland, 37 votes for Schleiger and 25 votes for Butkovich.