Macomb voters decide all township offices

By: Robert Guttersohn | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published July 24, 2012


In the Macomb Chronicle’s coverage area, voters will decide on their supervisor, clerk, treasurer and four trustees on the Aug. 7 primary. With no Democrats running, the winner of the Republican primary wins the general election by default. Candidates were asked, in 150 words or less, to state the top items they would wish to accomplish if elected and how they would go about accomplishing them. If a candidate went over their word limit, ( … ) replaced the rest of their answer. (I) indicates the candidate is an incumbent. The answers are printed verbatim.

Township supervisor
Three candidates are running for the four-year position

Janet Dunn
Age: 71
Occupation: Retired
Municipality or residence: Macomb Township
For how Long: 46 years
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Trustee - 17 years
Education: Graduate of Utica High School.1 year at Michigan State University
Citizen Planner - MSU, State Certified Level III Assessor - Retired
Top goals: Be a real representative of the citizens. That can only become reality when the Supervisors door is open to everyone and not just special interest groups.
Seek to offer new programs in the Parks and Recreation area. This can be done by keeping the Board’s attention tuned to take advantage of expanding our parks system by seeking new lands - especially along the branches of the Clinton River that run through the township.
Continue to keep taxes as low as possible and still provide the best services to the residents. That will be accomplished by continuous review of the budget, adherence to the bid process initiated by the Township Board, and keeping the staff “right sized”.

Mark Grabow (I)
Age: 44
Occupation: Macomb Township Supervisor
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 44 years
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Supervisor
Education: Anchor Bay High, Macomb Community College, Fire I and II, DuPont Diversity, OS9000 and 9001 certified
Top goals: One of the first things we need to do is put together a REAL Senior Center modeled like those that surrounds us and give it AMPLE time to actually take hold and become a desired program like the Rec center did, but it didn’t happen in 6 months. In less than 15 years SEMCOG reports we will have over 15,000 senior citizens in our township.
At the same time we must change the ordinance for Business and allow a MIXED USE program in the commercial areas so we can fill these buildings with businesses that desire the Macomb township locations and allow our tax revenue to become stabilized as we continue to come out of this LONG slow recovery period although still not a bright future yet.
The third priority, we MUST work on is walkablity of our township. I strongly endorse a design and layout program for the sidewalks throughout the township to continue to connect them and have capital investment were we need to put some money which improves the overall safety and health of our residents.

Charles T. Missig
Age: 52
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff Macomb County Sheriffs Office
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 21 years
Education: High School-Warren Cousino 3.91 GPA Merit Scholarship to Wayne State University, College-Macomb County Community College, Associate Degree-Law Enforcement, Associate Degree-Crime Lab Technician, Oakland University Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Previously held elected offices: Elected Sgt.-at-Arms for Macomb County Deputies and Dispatchers Association (Three terms-Two years each)
Top goals: We need to develop a strategy with current business leaders in Macomb Township, along with other community leaders, to market Macomb Township, and to show potential businesses that we are the right choice for them. We will establish a liaison to work with the township clerk, and find a way to cut through the red tape that has apparently thwarted many businesses from coming to Macomb Township in the past. Many business owners have expressed their frustrations with me, and many others have simply built their business elsewhere. This must stop! We all know that more businesses equals more job opportunities within the township, they enhance our tax base, and our property values increase on our homes. This enhancement of our tax base will also allow us to continue the many excellent services that help keep us safe, without having to raise taxes. We all win!

Township clerk
Two candidates are running for the four-year position

Cathy Imbronone
Age: 60
Occupation: COO / Tina’s Country House & Gardens
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 3 years/ business owner in Macomb Township for 31 years
Previously held elected offices: Terraces at Cobblestone HOA, Royal Forest Aux 3 HOA, Valencia Lakes HOA, Regional Board NAPW,
Education: Lakeview HS, St. Clair Shores, MCC – business admin, Continuing Ed classes in marketing, accounting, condominium law
Top goals: Restore honesty, integrity and accountability to local government. Townhall has become a place for the political in crowd, a haven for special interest, with closed doors & favors for the selected few. To stop the insider deals, put an end nepotism, to insure everyone is accountable I will initiate a real code of ethics with penalties for violators.
Create the “Clerk’s Service Desk’, the place where residents & businesses can come for real information, real guidance. The office that will streamline every process & all of the paperwork through the use of 21st century technology.
Bring the clerk’s office and townhall into the 21st century. Along with the use of all the technology available will come the ability to broadcast all township meetings in real time. Bids should be listed on the township website, so that we can find the best qualified to do the job.

Michael D. Koehs (I)
Age: 62
Occupation: Macomb Township Clerk
The municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 17 years
Education: Certified Municipal Clerk, Graduate – Michigan Township Governance Academy, State Certified Election Provider, State Certified Election Worker Trainer, Certified Law Enforcement Officer, MSU – Citizen Planner
US Army, 1967 – 1970
Honorable Discharge - Combat Veteran with 2 Purple Hearts
Macomb County Sheriff Department, Retired
Road Patrol, Marine Patrol, SWAT Team, Narcotics and Surveillance Units & Computer Services Manager
General Industry Safety Standards Commission (MIOSHA)
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Clerk, 2002 to present, Macomb Township Deputy Clerk from 1997 to 2002, Macomb Township Planning Commission, 10 years
Top goals: The primary issue for the immediate future is how to continue to balance the public need for more services with limited and uncertain revenues. This will be accomplished by continuing to budget and operate as we have been, and by controlling the costs and implementing new technologies to produce greater efficiencies. Our recent implementation of a document imaging system is a great example of this. Macomb Township has attracted over fifty new businesses in the past year alone, and our residential growth continues to lead the state. We have increased the amount of commercial space available and at the same time have reduced the amount of vacant commercial property.
Another important issue is finding ways to affordably improve the quality of life for our residents, our businesses and our manufacturers. We have developed an outstanding Parks and Recreation Program, we have streamlined our business application processes and we continually grant tax abatements for new industry.

Township treasurer
Two candidates are running for the four-year position

Thomas Christ
Age: 61
Occupation: Retired
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 28 years
Previously held elected offices: None
Education: 3 years at Wayne State University
Top goals: Change in Board Meeting Procedures to encourage rather than discourage resident participation by implementing a few simple changes, resident’s comments as agenda items are called, greater detail in the posted agenda and meeting minutes.
A commitment to the budget process that improves the quality of the budget and adherence to it by the Township Managers and Supervisors, with a goal to reach a 3 year budget process can be achieved by a working relationship with all involved in managing our township.
Improvement of long term strategic planning for issues as improving community planning, increasing business development, and improvement of the overall road system.
All three issues will be addressed throughout my term by working with the other Trustees and the members of the various township boards, committees and commissions, stressing the importance of bringing a business styled approach to Township Governance at every level.

Karen Goodhue (I)
Age: 62
Occupation: Macomb Township Treasurer
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 62 years
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Treasurer, Elected to 4 terms Serving 15 yrs. on New Haven Board of Education
Education: Graduate of Chippewa Valley, attended Macomb Comm. College
Michigan certified School Board Member, with honors of distinction and merit
Attended Mich. Municipal treasurer’s Institute receiving certification as a Michigan Certified Public Treasurer
Top goals: As the treasurer I have implemented online bill payment services, began accepting partial tax payments and the collection of summer taxes. These were services requested by residents. I would like to continue to improve on services to residents. Having personal contact with residents keeps me informed of their needs.
We have started to improve the roads in Macomb and I would certainly would want to continue those improvements.
Also a goal would be to keep Macomb Township fiscally strong by continuing best practices that have put us in the envious position we are in today. In particular is budgeting conservativly and watching the taxpayer’s “pennies”, spending wisely and not foolishly.


Township trustees
Seven candidates are running for four four-year terms

Dino Bucci (I)
Occupation: Operations manager - engineering
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 14 years
Education: Attended Albion College (Business Administration)
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township trustee since 2000
Top goals: I want to continue to control spending so township taxes are not raised and the healthy budget surplus is maintained. This means “stretching” every township tax dollar received to get maximum benefit at minimum costs. This also means saying an emphatic “No!” to wasteful spending.
Public safety is a priority. Our township fire department personnel must be well-trained and well-equipped. For our township to grow as it has in the past, we must have safe neighborhoods. Our public safety officers must be prepared for any emergency. And our EMS program must be second to none.
It is imperative that we encourage private sector job growth in Macomb Township. This means continuing to create a business-friendly atmosphere without disrupting residential neighborhoods. By encouraging businesses to locate or expand in the township, we grow the tax base lessening the tax burden on homeowners.

Clifford Freitas
Age: 39
Occupation: Project Manager, Intertek
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 31 years
Previously held elected offices: None
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Davenport University; Master of Business Administration, Davenport University (December 2012);
Associate of General Studies, Macomb Community College; Citizen Planner Certificate, Michigan State University
Top goals: I would like to encourage community involvement and improve offerings for special needs residents and children. I feel it is important to continue to maintain and improve upon senior opportunities and programs within the Township. There Is value in continuing to maintain the fiscal responsibility the Board has implemented and with an open seat, I feel I would be a great complement to the current Board of Trustees.

Roger Krzeminski (I)
Age: 71
Occupation: Retired, Chrysler Corp. 36 yrs, Controller New Model Projects
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 34
Previously held elected offices: Trustee 2004 to present; Planning Commissioner 2003-2004; Trustee 1989-2000; 1980-1984.
Education: Graduate, Central Michigan B/S; Graduate, Chrysler Institute of Engineering, Associate Degree; Graduate, Citizen Planner Program, Michigan State University; Graduate, Parks & Recreation Facilities Design Mgt School, Colorado.
Top goals: The Township is the best place to reside. Our last census of 2010 put us at 79,580. We have grown tremendously since 2000. We have updated the Township electronically to address the needs of our residents. We have a premier Parks and Recreation Department. It is the best in the County. I would like to continue to build on that work and shape this Township.

Ernest Ronald Laing
Age: 64
Occupation: Retired General Motors Engineering ( 2001 ) / Martial Arts Instructor / Chaplain
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 12 years
Previously held elected offices: Vice-President of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship (Macomb County) for
5 years (1990 to 1995) - President of my own 501c3 since 1983.
Education: Rockmont College- Golden Colorado (1972 to 1975) Major: Counseling / Zion School of Ministry (1984 to 1988) Major, Bible & Leadership
Top goals: I would like to investigate opening a community Help Center to help our Macomb Township residents who are struggling and need help. ( Two Wayne State University Masters students were assigned to me to create a business plan for our Help Center in 2010.
I would like to re-open our Senior Center and help to Implement some programs and activities for our Seniors.
I believe Trustee’s should be more approachable by the community and I would like to get out there and get involved with community projects and dealing with issues concerning our roads, and our sidewalks and make sure we are financially responsable and not putting undue burdens on our tax payers.
A Policy should be implemented that requires any issue to appear on the Township’s Board of Trustee’s Agenda prior to any action or vote …

Renee Michaels
Age: 42
Occupation: Manager of Opperations at a Family owned Recycling Operation, Fire Protection and Sand and Gravel Hauling.
Municipality of residence: I live in Macomb Twp.
For how long: 14 years
Previously held elected offices: NA
Education: 2 Associate degrees in business obtained from Macomb Community College. Mechanical License for Fire Protection
Top goals:
1) Unfinished sub-divisions.
2) New business development
3) Reduce taxes by better management
Macomb Township needs to get back to growth as we recover from the recession. We need to fill unfinished subdivisions by making our area a choice for families to build and call home.
I will open the door to new business development.
As more business develops, we can reduce property taxes with the new business revenue.
In addition, red carpet treatment will be given to someone with the potential to build in Macomb Twp. This is done through friendliness of Macomb Twp. staffing as well as instituting the policy of asking two simple questions, “how can we help to meet their business needs?” and “how can we assist them in getting through site planning quicker?”
It would be nice if Macomb Twp. came to be known as the fastest place in Michigan to get through site planning.

Maria A. Napolitano
Age: 40
Occupation: Marketing Director for husband’s business Top Dog K9 Inc
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 11 ½ years
Education: St. Anne Catholic Elementary & Bishop Foley Catholic High School, accredited as an Honor Roll Student with Honors courses in English, Geometry, & Algebra.; Attended Macomb Community College with focus on Italian Language. Certificates: State of Florida Mortgage Brokerage Licensing Course Completion 2005, and Michigan Mortgage Essentials Course Completion 2010.
Top goals: My top initiatives in successfully serving Macomb Township each go hand in hand, respect and integrity, growth and revenue, resident care and safety with prompt preservation of our infrastructure. The importance of carrying an ethical reputation that illustrates compassion for the needs of our residents and delivers unbiased fair resolutions is my primary key to representing our community. It is as important to me as a business professional as it is necessary to thrive as a township, to place more emphasis on strengthening business relationships for the revenue and jobs it increasingly provides along with the growth and added appeal to our township. Additionally, prompt maintenance must be consistently applied to our infrastructure for improved road access, public safety, emergency access, economic growth and social benefits. With overall satisfaction of our residents, our businesses, and our visitors, we will increase commerce within our township, and uphold a safe enjoyable community.

Nancy Jane Nevers (I)
Age: 70
Occupation: Retired from Chrysler Corporation after 36 years
Municipality of residence: Macomb Township
For how long: 11 years
Education: Graduated from Our Lady of Mercy H.S. 3-1/2 years of college
Previously held elected offices: Macomb Township Trustee – two terms
Top goals: Should I win re-election I plan to explore the opportunities of mixed usages in industrial areas. It’s time to revise and update our industrial ordinances.
I will work to see continued progress on paving all of our Townships’ roads.
I will work to see all our sidewalks connected throughout our Township.