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Macomb Township Planning Commission revisits ordinance, extension of time request

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published March 11, 2020


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — A public hearing will soon be held, and a local business has a little longer to implement some improvements.

Carried over from a February Macomb Township Planning Commission meeting was discussion on a proposed text amendment to the township’s zoning ordinance for conditional rezoning.

At the March 3 meeting, Macomb Township Planning Consultant David Scurto, from Carlisle Wortman Associates Inc., said the ordinance is used by several municipalities.

“The ordinance enables a township to use this law as a tool to allow this development that doesn’t neatly fit into a zoning pattern,” he said.

The Conditional Zoning Act was intended to allow landowners to voluntarily offer in writing certain use and development of land as a condition to a rezoning of the land or an amendment to a zoning map.

“It seems like a pretty straightforward ordinance,” Macomb Township Planning Commission Vice Chair Aaron Tuckfield said. “It says you can offer conditions and we’ll listen to them and see if they make sense.”

In February, it was said at the meeting that as the township urbanizes near the south end, it’s seeing many parcels that are uniquely shaped and located and are prime for development, but don’t quite fit a zoning pattern of a general area of the township.

The next step is for the commission to hold a public hearing on the zoning ordinance on April 7.

Also discussed at the meeting was an extension of time for a special land use for Sunny’s Pools and More, located north of 23 Mile Road and east of Hayes Road.

On Feb. 4, the commission determined that all improvements must be made within 60 days, such as construction of a firewall and submission of a full-dimension floor and site plan. On Feb. 24, the Fire Department provided the business with a list of construction items that need to be done for it to be brought up to fire code and building codes.   

On March 3, Kevin Zacharski, the owner of the business, asked the commission for an extension of time so an architect can come in to ensure the work is done properly.

The original 60-day extension expires April 4, with the commission agreeing to have Zacharski appear at the April 7 meeting to see what his game plan is moving forward.