Macomb County crime briefs of the year

By: C & G Sports Staff | C&G Newspapers | Published January 2, 2019

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MACOMB COUNTY — Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting and bizarre local briefs from 2018:


Man arrested after beer theft
WARREN — A man who allegedly stole two cases of beer from the 7-Eleven store at 10 Mile and Hayes was reportedly awakened the next morning by detectives, who found him passed out among empty cans at a house in the 14900 block of 10 Mile Road Jan. 9.

According to Warren police, two men entered the store at about 3:30 a.m. and one of them purchased a coffee. The second suspect, known to store employees as a regular customer, allegedly walked out of the store with two 24-can cases of Bud Light.

Tips led police to investigate the men’s ties to a nearby construction site and a house on 10 Mile. Detectives reportedly went to the home the next morning, where the suspect was found passed out next to the two cases of beer. One case was reportedly full, while the other had just one beer left in it. Cans were reportedly found strewn about the house.

The suspect was arrested and was expected to face charges for retail fraud.


Woman throws snowball at cop
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At approximately 1:50 a.m. Jan. 19, officers were in the parking lot of Coyote Joe’s bar on Ryan Road, south of 22 Mile Road, when they reportedly observed a disorderly couple yelling and screaming obscenities at bouncers and other patrons.

The couple had just been escorted out of the bar by the bouncers. The officers requested that the couple stop several times. However, the woman allegedly continued yelling obscenities and then threw a snowball at an officer.

The woman resisted arrest and the man again became disorderly, shouting obscenities and threats, according to police. Both were arrested and transported to the Police Department. The man was charged with disorderly conduct, and the woman was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and malicious destruction of police property.


Champagne stolen from gas station
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Police were called to the Shell gas station on Little Mack Avenue Jan. 27 after the owner said that a man stole a bottle of champagne from the counter. The owner said that the man left his name and phone number on a job application.


Man tries to flee from police
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Around 5 p.m. Feb. 25, police saw a vehicle on eastbound Interstate 94 near Frazho without a visible license plate. When the vehicle stopped near the intersection of Gratiot Avenue and Interstate 696, police saw an Arizona license plate in the back window that was registered to another vehicle. The 38-year-old driver from Detroit told police that he had just moved to Michigan from Arizona and he had a suspended driver’s license. Police discovered pills that were identified as acetaminophen and hydrocodone in the vehicle; the man said he had a prescription for the hydrocodone. The man also had warrants out for his arrest.

The man resisted as police tried to handcuff him and place him under arrest, eventually jumping out of the police car and running across the westbound lanes of I-696 while still handcuffed. Vehicles had to swerve and brake to avoid hitting the man and police. The man made it to the center of the highway and jumped over the center median wall before falling to the concrete and beginning to run across the remaining lanes of traffic. He was tackled to the ground and taken into custody.


Bar patron threatens security with knife
ST. CLAIR SHORES — At 2:50 a.m. March 4, police were called to Pat O’Brien’s on Jefferson Avenue for a disorderly patron.

A security officer told police that he and a co-worker had removed a 40-year-old St. Clair Shores man from the bar after the man tried to start a fight with another customer. After he was removed, the man threatened the staff but left the premises. About 20 minutes later, the man returned to the bar carrying a 5- to 7-inch long hunting knife. The man threatened to stab the security personnel in the neck. The situation was diffused by another employee of the bar, and the man again walked home.

Police went to the man’s home and placed him under arrest for aggravated felonious assault.


Boy reports hoverboard theft
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Two St. Clair Shores parents came into the police station the afternoon of March 4 to report the theft of their son’s hoverboard. The 8-year-old boy was playing with two friends in the parking lot of South Lake High School, near the fence where Helen Street ends, when they noticed a black vehicle park on the south side of the building. After a few minutes, a teenager got out of the vehicle and approached the children.

According to police, the teen asked the child to ride the board and the child gave him permission. Police said that the teen then rode the board over to his vehicle, put it in the vehicle and drove away.


Woman pulls gun on possible home invader
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On March 6, in the 23000 block of Carlington Street, a woman reportedly pulled into her driveway when she saw a man trying to break into her home through the side door. The woman called out to the man, who told her his name and stated that he was at the wrong residence. The woman, a licensed CPL holder, took out her gun. The suspect ran away westbound down the street. The suspect was wanted for attempted home invasion.


Men steal fishing lures
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers were called to the Mobil gas station on Jefferson Avenue around 4:30 p.m. March 12 for stolen fishing lures. The manager told police that two men came into the store around 4:20 p.m. and went to the back of the store, where they began looking at the fishing equipment. The pair is seen on surveillance video putting fishing lures up their sleeves. They then left the store without paying and drove off in a brown Chevrolet S-10 The two lures were worth about $2.50 each.


Trees cut without permission
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 56-year-old resident of Koerber Street came into the Police Department March 12 to report that someone had cut down trees on her property without her permission. The woman said that three trees in the back of her property had been damaged: One was cut to a stump, another was cut three-quarters of the way, and the third had a cut into its circumference in an effort to kill it.


Detroit police recover stolen pickup truck
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Shelby Township police at 9:15 a.m. March 14 responded to the Crystal Lake Apartments at 23 Mile and Dequindre roads for a report of a stolen pickup truck. The victim said that at 3 p.m. the previous day, he loaned his 2002 Ford pickup truck to an employee for a few hours. The employee never returned and had not returned phone messages.

Police entered the truck as stolen in a law enforcement database. At 4:20 a.m. March 15, Detroit police contacted Shelby Township police to report that they had recovered the truck. There was no one in it at the time of recovery. Shelby Township police said they were seeking a warrant for the employee.


Scooter-driving shoplifter arrested
STERLING HEIGHTS — According to police, a suspect was seen hiding items under his coat and in the basket of a motorized scooter March 14 at a Walmart  store on Van Dyke Avenue, near 14 Mile Road. After a door greeter stopped the suspect, the suspect allegedly took off and left items behind. When another employee stopped the suspect, the suspect reportedly dropped other items from his unzipped jacket.

Police said the suspect managed to get away and take a bike southbound toward Warren, but Warren police reportedly caught the suspect.


Police arrest beer-drinking driver
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police said they received a tip about two allegedly intoxicated male subjects who were knocking on a home’s door, trying to get in, in the 5000 block of Jessop Court, near 18 Mile and Mound roads.

Police investigated after midnight March 24 and spotted a pickup truck along a street in the area, and the vehicle allegedly drove up a curb twice.

Police pulled over the vehicle and inquired whether the driver had been drinking. The driver allegedly “held up a 24-ounce can of beer and stated that he’d ‘had four of these tonight.’”

Police said the driver flunked sobriety tests and scored a 0.18 percent blood alcohol content on a breath test — well above the 0.08 percent threshold for drunken driving.


Trio steals 120 energy drinks
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On March 28, at the Speedway gas station at 18650 Hall Road, three men entered the store. While two of the men distracted employees, the third removed 120 bottles of 5 Hour Energy drinks from the store’s displays. Police said a similar incident occurred Feb. 3, with surveillance video available from both retail fraud operations.


Church damaged by water
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers responded to a call from Heritage Presbyterian Church on Jefferson Avenue the afternoon of March 22 after the pastor reported that someone had caused water damage at the church. The pastor said that sometime over the weekend of March 17, someone went into the lower-level boiler room and turned on the water spigot for the boiler, which then flooded part of the church.

The pastor said he was notified by the Water Department that the building was using an excess amount of water in one day, and when he arrived at the church at 8 a.m. March 18, he discovered that the boiler room was flooded and he had to turn off the water spigot.


Woman accused of stealing tumbler from coffee shop
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Shelby Township police responded to a report of a larceny at 1:35 p.m. April 4 at the Biggby coffee shop at Hayes and 21 Mile roads.

An employee told police that a woman came in stating that she had been told by the business to come in and get a free replacement drink for a previous order that was made incorrectly. The employee said that even though the customer did not have the proper proof, the employee agreed to make the free drink.

While the employee was making the drink, the woman was acting suspiciously and knocked down a display of cups and tumblers that were for sale. After the woman received her free drink and left, the employee noticed that a tumbler was missing from the display.

The employee told police that she had obtained the woman’s license plate number, and police used store cameras to confirm that the woman had concealed a tumbler in her purse and left without paying for it.

The woman was identified, and officers attempted to contact her without success. A warrant was requested for the woman.


Unknown man reportedly wanders around middle school
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On April 17, at Clintondale Middle School at 35300 Little Mack Avenue, a security guard for the school reportedly saw a suspect enter the school, and the guard confronted him. The suspect allegedly told security he was a movie star looking for an auditorium.

When told to leave, the suspect didn’t oblige. When the suspect was told police were on their way, he reportedly started walking around the school while the security guard followed him. The suspect finally left the school on his own. He was wearing blue jeans and spoke with slurred speech.


Body wash thief makes clean getaway
WARREN — A review of surveillance video revealed that a man took 26 bottles of Dove body wash from CVS Pharmacy, 25109 Ryan Road, near 10 Mile Road, at 1:20 a.m. April 26.

According to a police report, the suspect set off a security sensor as he was exiting the store. He reportedly fled in a vehicle with an invalid license plate number.

The total cost of the stolen body wash was $189. No other items were missing.

The theft was under investigation.


Basketball jerseys, Air Jordans among items stolen in home invasion
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On May 14, in the 20000 block of Phelps Street, a couple found their home unlocked and ransacked. They told police that entry was probably gained from a second-floor window. A PlayStation 4 was stolen, as well as boxes of 9 mm ammunition, two gold watches, three necklaces and two diamond stud earrings.

The homeowner told police he was also missing 20 basketball jerseys, nine pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes and 10 baseball caps. There were no suspects.


Man conceals cartoon shower curtains in pants
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On May 24, at Walmart at 18400 Hall Road, loss prevention observed a man walking through the store, selecting two Mickey Mouse shower curtains and then concealing them in his pants. When approached by two loss prevention employees, he threw the curtains in their direction, left the store and drove away in a black 2012 Ram.


Man assaulted with belt
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Two vehicles pulled over in the 37000 block of Charter Oaks Boulevard June 9, and one person jumped out and allegedly attacked a male subject outside.

The suspect reportedly told police that he had been texting with a girl, and he said she sent the men over to beat him up. Police received a call that a man, 25, had been assaulted with a belt.

The suspect, 23, was later caught and arrested for felonious assault.


Toilet used to vandalize vehicle
STERLING HEIGHTS — After hearing a loud noise around midnight June 14, a resident in the 38000 block of Cameron Drive, near Metropolitan Parkway and Dequindre Road, learned that someone had broken a toilet on his driveway, police said.

Toilet fragments had scratched up a parked vehicle, and the vehicle’s driver-side door and tailgate had pry marks, police said.


Motorcyclist hits 130 mph in high-traffic area
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On July 19, in the area of Millar and Garfield roads, officers attempted to pull over a motorcyclist that was driving recklessly through traffic.

The motorcycle was traveling 130 mph in a 55 mph zone. The chase was discontinued once police obtained the license plate number. Officers then arrived at the motorcycle’s registered owner’s home, waiting for him to return.

The suspect, 22, returned home and was arrested without incident for fleeing and eluding.


Suspects defraud gas station customer
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Aug. 3, at Marathon Gas at 38430 Garfield Road, a man at the station was reportedly approached by two men who offered to clean the scratches off his car for $300.

Before the man could even discuss anything, the two suspects poured a mysterious liquid on the vehicle and then claimed the man owed them money.

The victim said he had no money, at which point they told him to take money out of the ATM inside the store. The victim told police he took $40 from his account and gave it to the two suspects.

Officers arrived and believed the liquid was just soap.


Stolen purse leads to arrest
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Aug. 11, at C.J. Barrymore’s at 21750 Hall Road, a woman gave her purse to an employee to hold while she rode the go-karts.

When the woman exited her kart, the purse was gone. An employee told her that a woman approached him and said the purse belonged to her, so he gave it to her.

Police were called to the scene and spoke with a suspect, who allegedly said she thought the purse belonged to her and she told her son to put it inside their vehicle. The son allegedly realized the purse did not belong to his mother, so he reportedly left it in a bush outside. The mother, 43, and son, 17, were both arrested for larceny.


Driver arrested, claimed passenger had gun to his head
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Aug. 22, in the area of 15 Mile Road and Nova Drive, a driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe drove through a stop sign, and officers attempted to make a traffic stop. The driver pulled onto Nova, spun the car around facing the police and made “nervous movements.”

The Tahoe then pulled onto 15 Mile at a high rate of speed, before attempting to turn onto Village Road. The driver lost control and spun into oncoming traffic, striking a curb and a fire hydrant on Lipke Street. The vehicle then drove off the road at Prince Drewry Park, spinning in a complete circle.

Two people, a 35-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman, exited the Tahoe and were arrested by officers. The man, who had been driving, yelled to police, “She had me at gunpoint!” Both were arrested for fleeing and eluding.


Driver arrested for drug possession after hitting tree
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 6:30 p.m. Aug. 22, a police officer was dispatched to a one-car accident at M-59 and Dequindre Road.

The investigation showed that the vehicle had been traveling eastbound on M-59 when it struck the median barrier, then crossed the eastbound traffic lanes and ran off the roadway into a tree and rolled over.

The driver stated that he had been thinking about a gory movie, which upset him, and he thought he blacked out. Officers conducted an inventory of the vehicle and reportedly recovered narcotic paraphernalia, marijuana and a can of Dust-Off keyboard cleaner from the vehicle.

The driver was charged with possession of marijuana and reckless driving.


Drunken customer threatens store clerk
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Sept. 10, at Vino One at 22032 15 Mile Road, a man walked in with an open bottle of alcohol and the clerk asked him to leave. The suspect responded, “F--- you, I’m not leaving.”

The clerk told the suspect he was intoxicated and began to escort him out. The suspect pulled a knife from his back pocket, and the clerk picked up a baseball bat. The suspect reportedly ran out of the store toward Maynard Street, where another customer called out to the suspect and picked him up in a newer Ford Explorer. They fled the scene.


Lawn ornament stolen, used to damage neighbor’s house
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — An officer was dispatched to a residence on Brentwood Street for a larceny report at approximately 11:10 p.m. Sept. 15. 

The resident stated that at approximately 11:05 p.m., she heard a loud noise outside. When she looked out, she observed a dark car speeding away northbound on her street. She noticed that her red gazing ball lawn ornament was missing from her front yard and called the police.

A second call came into dispatch from her neighbor across the street. The unknown suspect(s) had thrown the red gazing ball lawn ornament through the front storm door glass of the second caller’s residence.


Driver arrested after crashing into fence
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Police were patrolling on Nine Mile Road at Harper Avenue at around 1:30 a.m. Sept. 16 when officers saw a vehicle driving westbound on Nine Mile Road without any headlights on.

The vehicle pulled into the Motor Lodge Motel, 20000 E. Nine Mile Road; stopped by a privacy fence; then accelerated and crashed into the fence.

The driver, a 17-year-old from Roseville, said that he was driving his uncle’s car and was unfamiliar with it. Police said the vehicle smelled like marijuana, but the driver passed sobriety tests. Officers discovered a loaded gun on the driver’s side floorboard, a digital scale and hundreds in cash.

The gun was discovered to have been stolen out of Mount Morris, but the driver denied ownership of the gun.

The teen was taken into custody on charges of possession of a stolen gun, driving without a license and having an improper license plate.


Woman reports purse stolen by man on bike
FRASER — On Sept. 16, officers took a report from a 28-year-old Warren woman who said her purse was stolen from her while she was walking on 14 Mile Road, near Kelly Road.

The victim said that while walking home from a friend’s house, a man riding a mountain bike rode by and grabbed her purse from her hand.


Knife-wielding suspect rejected, arrested
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Sept. 23, at 7-Eleven at 18711 15 Mile Road, an employee told police that a woman walked into the store earlier and allegedly threatened her with a purple knife.

The suspect, 58, demanded for the register to be opened. The employee told the suspect she was being recorded. The suspect again demanded money, but was rejected again, and then left the store.

Later, police went to an address where the gray Ford Focus reportedly used during the robbery attempt was registered. The suspect was at the location, and she told police that she “messed up.” She was arrested.


Civilians stop alleged purse snatcher
ROSEVILLE — Roseville police arrested an alleged purse snatcher after an attempted theft Sept. 26.

A woman was shopping at the Kroger at 13 Mile Road and Little Mack Avenue around 1:50 p.m. when she left her purse unattended in her shopping cart.

Police said the suspect ran out of the store with the purse before he was apprehended and detained by two citizens. Roseville police arrived moments later and took the suspect into custody.


Rolex watches, cash reported missing  from hotel rooms
WARREN — Two men from Venezuela told police they were robbed of Rolex watches and cash while they were staying at the Days Inn, 7454 Convention Blvd., between 6 p.m. Sept. 29 and 7 a.m. Sept. 30.

Detective Sgt. Robert Eidt, of the Warren Police Department, said the men reported that they were in town on business and stayed in separate rooms. One man reportedly discovered that his watch was missing, at which point the other man told police he checked his room and found that he, too, had been burglarized.

The watches were valued at $5,000 each. The second victim told police a total of $2,200 in cash was also taken from his room.

A maintenance worker was later arrested for the thefts following an investigation by Warren detectives.


Man arrested for disorderly conduct
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Police were called to Kroger, 22332 E. Nine Mile Road, the afternoon of Oct. 2 after several women reported that a man was in the parking lot driving his truck behind their vehicles and asking them for sex. The women told police that the man then stopped his vehicle, got onto his scooter and went into the store.

Officers found the 78-year-old man in the store and told him that he was acting inappropriately.

While inside the store, police were approached by another woman who told them that the man had grabbed her behind as he drove by on his scooter while she was standing at the meat counter. Police said the man was also eating out of a jar of pickles he had grabbed off the shelf and threatened the manager when he was asked to leave. He continued to whistle at and call out to customers as he was escorted out of the store and continued to threaten the manager.

Police arrested the man on charges of disorderly conduct. He resisted arrest and threatened officers as he was taken into police custody.


Police catch suspect with shoplifted jeans
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police said a shoplifting suspect ran out of the JCPenney store at Lakeside Mall, 14000 Lakeside Circle, and toward Hall Road Oct. 3.

Police reportedly saw the suspect go behind a dumpster, climb over a brick wall and then flee, but he tripped. Police reportedly caught the struggling suspect and found a backpack containing two pairs of jeans from the Buckle store, as well as gardening snips.

The jeans reportedly had the sensor removed from them, the report states. Police said the suspect was arrested for retail fraud.


Man reports carjacking, suspect arrested
WARREN — A 48-year-old Warren man told police he was carjacked by a man he was driving to the store to buy cigarettes at 6:24 p.m. Oct. 18.

According to information provided by Warren police, the victim said he was driving his gray 2016 Ford F-150 on Masonic Boulevard, near Desmond Street, when he pulled over to take a phone call. He said a man then approached the truck and asked for a ride to the store.

The victim told police the man later demanded money and assaulted him with a wrench. The suspect allegedly drove away with the truck after the victim fled on foot. Warren police recovered the truck later that evening on Wellston Drive, near 13 Mile and Hoover roads.

The suspect, a 19-year-old Warren man, was arrested and was expected to face carjacking and armed robbery charges.


Friend gives back borrowed car
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to a Canal Road home Dec. 1 for a complaint about a friend who allegedly had borrowed a car for months and refused to return it.

Police said they found the friend, who claimed that the complainant said the car could be kept as long as needed. The friend later gave the keys back to the complainant, police said.


Suspects steal hundreds of rings
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Dec. 6, at Kay Jewelers at 17410 Hall Road, three suspects entered the store, and one used a hammer to smash a display case of engagement rings.

Two of the suspects grabbed about 150 rings and left within one minute. One diamond ring was located near an entrance and was later returned to the store. The three male suspects wanted for robbery all wore hoodies and yellow gloves.


Husband, wife caught shoplifting again
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to Walmart on Shelby Parkway, near 23 Mile Road and the Van Dyke Freeway, for two people who had been detained for shoplifting at approximately 5 p.m. Dec. 9. 

Walmart employees stated that they had observed the husband and wife in the toy aisle removing items from their packaging and concealing the items in their clothing and purse. Employees reportedly observed the couple walk past all points of sale without paying for the concealed merchandise and then detained them. Both had prior convictions for retail fraud and were arrested and charged with retail fraud-second offense.