Lormax Stern buys Macomb Mall

Customers, locals hope for improvements

By: Sara Kandel | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published July 24, 2013

 Built in 1964, Macomb Mall in Roseville was once a major destination in south Macomb County.

Built in 1964, Macomb Mall in Roseville was once a major destination in south Macomb County.

Photo by Sara Kandel


ROSEVILLE — Roseville residents and mall patrons are hoping that, under new ownership, improvements will be made to Macomb Mall.

In June, Lormax Stern Development Company announced that it purchased the property and that it planned future interior and exterior renovations. However, the release didn’t mention any specifics, and the company has since remained tight-lipped about their plans for the outdated mall.

In a written statement, Karl Zarbo, director of operations, expressed confidence that the company would fill any and all vacancies at the mall in the near future.

“Macomb Mall is a destination for its neighbors in Macomb and Wayne counties,” Zarbo said. “Its shoppers are loyal and passionate about the center. We believe that with such an outstanding mix of retailers and restaurants, along with the center’s prime location, we will be able to fill existing vacancies and the one anchor tenant position in a short period of time. The demand is there.”

No records for work at the mall have been filed with the City of Roseville yet, but City Manager Scott Adkins admitted to meeting with the new owners earlier this summer.

“We expressed our desire to work with them and they shared with us their desire to improve the mall,” Adkins said. “I only met with them once, but I left encouraged by the spirit and attitude the new owners had about putting a new face on the mall and enhancing the shopping experience.

“It’s just physically enhancing the mall with renovations. It’s about reinvigorating the mall, and being that it is a landmark piece of Roseville, we want it to be preserved and reinforced and reinvigorated.”

Adkins said he was unaware of any specific plans for the property and, so far, the new owners have not filed any plans with the city’s Building Department.

“They didn’t mention any specific plans, only their desire to improve the mall, so we don’t know much at this point,” Adkins said. “We do know they are doing some surveying and some studies, though.”

The studies will seek to identify which types of retail establishments and restaurants would be most successful at the mall, and the surveys are meant to identify what type of businesses customers would like to see in the mall.

The Eastsider was unable to locate any customers who had participated in the survey, but a few shoppers were willing to share what they would say if they had participated in the survey.

“I think the mall needs to be more diverse,” said 21-year-old Roseville resident Mary Nicholson. “Like how Lakeside is, with different types of stores. It definitely needs a makeup store, like Sephora. There isn’t one at the mall now and it is really an inconvenience for me. It could use some more food choices, too — a whole food court would be nice. It would be nice if there was an H&M, Hollister or Express, too, and a music store, like FYE. ”

Amy Hannah, a 23-year-old Grosse Pointe resident, said she doesn’t go to Macomb Mall very often because there aren’t many stores or restaurants she likes there.

“It would be great if they expanded the mall and brought in some more stores and restaurants that people want to go to,” Hannah said. “It would be nice if they had a few classier shoe store options other than Foot Locker. They need more variety. A Macy’s would be nice. And all the restaurants are pretty much the same, too. They need more variety there, too. Maybe a Mediterranean place.”

Information on Macomb Mall is available at www.ShopMacombMall.com.