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Looking Back: Summer of 1919

Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published June 22, 2018


It’s summertime! Heading for the river or the lake or the park or the beach is nothing new. During the Bath Era of Mount Clemens, locals and visitors alike chose one of a dozen mineral springs establishments to sip the water, eat popcorn, play cards, visit with friends or just listen to the old Victrola.

In this postcard from 1919, the Park Springs was doing lively business. No doubt the Arbor, Athenian, Aurora, Imperial, Panacea, Maple Leaf, Orchard, Peerless, Santas, Victory and Pagoda springs were doing just as well. The “Artesian Water” was taken from the top of the wells. The bathwater was taken from much deeper. The springs were located on the east side of the river, while the bathhouses were on the west.

— Marie P. (Ling) McDougal, Harrison Township historian