Looking Back: The Legend student newspaper

Warren Weekly | Published April 22, 2015


Pictured is the front page of Warren Woods Tower High School’s The Legend student newspaper published in October 1984. The issue’s top stories — written by students — covered the approaching homecoming festivities, a feature on newly hired teachers at the school, and an update on the WWT yearbook staff.

The edition was filled with 24 pages of school news. The staff members wrote a number of stories that included a look at the European trip that French teacher Mrs. Lewis and five students took that summer; news of an upcoming college fair; important statistics on the effects of smoking cigarettes; the latest on the school’s sports stars; and a story on freshman Richard Osmialowski, who at the time was practicing to become an Elvis Presley impersonator.

The issue also froze the year 1984 in time with two national news items: the presidential election between Republican President Ronald Reagan and Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale, and breakdancing, which had gone mainstream.

The Legend staff surveyed a group of students and faculty on who they would vote for in the presidential showdown, and Reagan beat Mondale 66 to 13 votes. Reagan defeated Mondale the following month on Election Day.

As for breakdancing, with its parachute pants, some WWT students liked it while others weren’t so sure.

Record album reviews of the time included the soundtrack to Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Chicago’s “17,” John Waite’s “No Brakes,” Icicle Works’ “Icicle Works,” and Black Flag’s “My War.”