Looking Back: Botsford Inn c. 1836

Farmington Press | Published January 30, 2018


FARMINGTON HILLS — Farmington Hills’ historic Botsford Inn was built in 1836. It still stands at Grand River Avenue and Eight Mile Road — although Henry Ford did move it back from the road at one point. 

In the days when it was built, if you wanted to travel a significant distance, you took the stagecoach, bumping along rutted rural roads with mail, packages and other passengers. Botsford Inn, known also as the Sixteen Mile House, was a stagecoach stop, offering room and board to passengers traveling what was then the Grand River plank road. 

In 1924, Henry Ford bought the building, restored it and used it to host “old-fashioned” dance parties. 

Today, it’s been incorporated into the Beaumont Hospital complex at Grand River Avenue and Eight Mile Road.

— Farmington City Councilwoman Maria Taylor 

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