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Library offers children 25 Days of Christmas Challenge

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published December 16, 2019

 The Utica Public Library will be hosting the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge with activities for children to complete for a prize until Jan. 4.

The Utica Public Library will be hosting the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge with activities for children to complete for a prize until Jan. 4.

Photo provided by Marsha Doege


UTICA — The Utica Public Library is hosting a new type of challenge for families to enjoy during the Christmas holiday this year.

The 25 Days of Christmas Challenge includes fun activities for children to complete for a prize until Jan. 4. This is the first year that the library is holding the challenge.

In order to participate, children pick up an activity worksheet with the 25 days of challenges from the library. Many challenges include simple things, such as making hot cocoa or eating candy canes.

Some of the challenges are simple Christmas activities that children might normally do on the holiday, or things such as going ice skating.

Katherine Francis, the children’s services coordinator at the Utica Public Library, said the challenge is a good way to spend time with family during the holidays.

“The 25 Days of Christmas activities is for children and consists of things they are most likely already doing this time of year, and maybe a few they haven’t and will get to do for the first time. Some of the activities children can do alone, like writing a letter to Santa, (doing a) random act of kindness and (reading) a Christmas book. There are many activities that require children to do (them) with others, such as have a snowball fight, make Christmas cookies, (have a) game night, and drive around town looking at Christmas lights,” Francis said in an email.

It’s a simple activity that doesn’t take much time, but keeps children active during the holiday while school is out. Francis said the library hopes to have more fun activities for children in the future.

“The idea of this was to encourage families to take breaks during the chaos of the season, have some fun and make some lifelong memories. This is the first year we have done this activity for the Christmas holiday, and we will be planning to do more of these type of challenges throughout the year,” Francis said.

The goal for each participant is to get at least 20 activities done from the challenge sheet, cross off each completed activity, and then return the paper to the library and receive a plush toy prize.

Marsha Doege, the Utica Public Library director, said the program is nice because the challenges can be done at any time.

“The 25 Days of Christmas is a nice, self-paced program that allows families to work together at times that are convenient for them. The holidays are so hectic — wonderful, but hectic — and we’re trying to offer fun activities that go along with the delights of the season but are stress-free. Some of these are things they’re (the children) probably already doing or have done, and this allows them to make a game of it and win a little prize,” she said.

The Utica Public Library is located at 7530 Auburn Road. For more information on the challenge, call the library at (586) 731-4141.