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 Andy LeCureaux is running to retain his seat on the Hazel Park City Council. He said he’s proud of the city’s rising property values, booming business and flourishing arts scene.

Andy LeCureaux is running to retain his seat on the Hazel Park City Council. He said he’s proud of the city’s rising property values, booming business and flourishing arts scene.

Photo by Donna Agusti

LeCureaux seeks reelection to Hazel Park City Council

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published September 10, 2019

HAZEL PARK — A resident since 1994, Hazel Park City Councilman Andy LeCureaux decided to go into politics when he didn’t like the direction things were going in town — and when his daughter helped him realize that maybe he should do something about it.

“I was watching a council meeting on TV (in 2001) and I wasn’t liking what I was hearing — how they wanted to move City Hall to an old church, and how they awarded the construction of the ice arena without putting the job out for competitive bids, and all of the constant bickering,” he said. “My 11-year-old daughter, hearing me complain to the TV, said, ‘Daddy, I know if you were running things that you would spend the money right.’ Right then, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, what kind of example am I going to be for my child? I either need to put up or shut up.’” 

At the time, he had been an appliance repair technician for nearly 20 years — not exactly a seasoned politician.

“But I found that the listening skills and diagnostic skills I used every day to run a successful business are the same skills that help me listen to the voters in Hazel Park and hear their concerns,” LeCureaux said. “And since serving on the council, we — the residents, administration, staff and council members — have worked together to keep Hazel Park out of bankruptcy, and we’re now starting to reap the benefits of our cooperation. When we work together instead of against each other, great things are possible.”

LeCureaux, who owns and operates Andrew’s Appliance Installation, is now running for reelection to the council. He is a 1979 graduate of Royal Oak Kimball High and studied appliance repair at SEOVEC, a vocational school. And since serving on the council, LeCureaux has earned a certificate of public management from Saginaw Valley State University. Currently, he holds Level 2 status at the Elected Officials Academy through the Michigan Municipal League, or MML. LeCureaux is also serving his third and final year on the MML’s Board of Trustees, as interim vice president. 

As a businessman, he likes to tout the city’s recent economic successes, including the transformation of the shuttered Hazel Park Raceway at 10 Mile and Dequindre roads into the massive Tri-County Commerce Center, with such high-profile tenants as Amazon and LG Electronics building batteries for the Chevy Bolt, creating hundreds of new jobs and generating revenue for the city and nearby businesses.

He also points to new housing developments, rising property values, and a flourishing arts and events scene, including the Hazel Park Arts Council’s sculpture installation in the art garden on John R Road, the outdoor murals and the ever-popular Art Fair. 

LeCureaux also serves as the city’s representative on SOCRRA, and said that the city and other member communities have increased their recycling by nearly 100%. In addition, as a member of the council he has helped oversee the resurfacing of John R and Nine Mile roads, which he hopes will spur investment by private property owners along those roads. 

And the recent development of which he’s most proud, he said, is the new play structure at Scout-McPherson Park, funded by a grant from the Sutar-Sutaruk-Meyer Foundation.

“Mayor Mike Webb and I, along with hundreds of volunteers, spent six 12-plus-hour days helping to construct the playscape for the children of our city,” LeCureaux said. “What an awesome project to be a part of! The way the entire community came together to volunteer so many hours and talents was heartwarming, and displays the true character of our small town of Hazel Park. I couldn’t be more proud of our city. 

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Hazel Park,” he said, “and I look forward to continuing that service in the future.”

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