Lathrup Village Summer Stroll returns Aug. 20

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published August 2, 2017

 Angela “Midnight” Courtney performs last year with the band Cast Iron Cornbread.

Angela “Midnight” Courtney performs last year with the band Cast Iron Cornbread.

File photo by Sean Work


LATHRUP VILLAGE — Summer Stroll organizers are again inviting people to saunter the streets and listen to the musical stylings of their neighbors this month. 

The fifth annual Lathrup Village Summer Stroll, planned for 2-6:30 p.m. Aug. 20, is a music and arts festival in which local artists can feature their talents, performing on the streets of Lathrup Village. 

The event is co-sponsored by the Lathrup Village TimeBank and the Lathrup Village Homeowners Association. The Lathrup Village TimeBank is an organization dedicated to donating time to people in need.

Patrons of the event stoll up and down sidewalks, enjoying the performances and taking time to stop and enjoy the performers’ talents. 

Artists can perform on front porches, in front yards or backyards, or in garages along a path through northeast Lathrup Village. 

Maps showing the exact path of the stroll will become available on the event’s website closer to the date of the event. Musicians and dancers will perform in the stroll this year, according to TimeBank coordinator Kim Hodge. In the past, the stroll has featured everything from demonstrations on urban chicken raising to poetic readings. 

“Since this is our fifth year, it’s a celebration,” Hodge said. “We have some new musicians, and we have some people who have performed every year. It’s a celebration of the new and old.”

Although the event promotes a down-home feel, event organizer Adam Laurie said participating performers are the cream of the crop. 

“We’re not only talking the top best echelon of musicians playing, but it’s a community event featuring people who live in and around Lathrup,” Laurie said.

Hodge said previously that the Lathrup Village Summer Stroll is based on a similar event in Ann Arbor called the Water Hill Music Fest, which takes place in May.

After the strolling portion of the evening is over, event organizers are inviting performers and patrons to participate in a jam session at City Hall. There will be a picnic and games.

“This is all about community — people playing in the community and people getting to know each other,” Hodge said. “We want people to know more about this. Bring your chair, bring your water bottle and hang out.”

Laurie said the event is also a way to meet your neighbors. 

“Lathrup is a really great community that’s very inclusive and open. It’s a great opportunity to be able to hang out and spend the afternoon with neighbors and make new friends while spending some time in the village,” Laurie said. “A lot of the hosts have really beautiful homes, yards and gardens.”

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