Judge accepts alleged baby dangler’s insanity plea

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published June 24, 2015

 Parisienne Clark

Parisienne Clark


CLINTON TOWNSHIP — A woman who reportedly dangled a baby out of a second-story window had an insanity plea granted by a Macomb County Circuit Court judge.

On June 9, Judge James Maceroni accepted the not-guilty plea by 30-year-old Parisienne Clark. She will be held in a psychiatric facility for an undisclosed amount of time.

The plea was not challenged by county prosecutors.

Clark was initially arrested on March 14, 2014, when she walked into a home where her female cousin was babysitting a relative’s 1-year-old child. When the sitter’s back was turned, Clark allegedly grabbed the child and left the residence.

The sitter and her boyfriend later went to Clark’s home, where the door was locked. When the two heard the baby crying inside, the boyfriend kicked the door in and reportedly found Clark dangling the baby out of a second-floor window.

He grabbed the baby from Clark, who then jumped out the window and hurt her neck in the fall.

The child was not injured.

Clark was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and first-degree child abuse.

She was arraigned three days after the incident at 41-B District Court and was issued a $750,000 bond, with a pending mental health evaluation.

Clark’s attorney, Mark Haddad, said at the time of the incident that Clark had previous mental issues as a result of enduring numerous challenges. He hoped that a plea would be successful to provide Clark the psychological help she needs, as well as to avoid jail time.

He could not be reached for comment at press time.