Incumbents sweep Roseville, Eastpointe elections

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published November 6, 2013


It was a good day to be an incumbent in Roseville and Eastpointe Nov. 5, as all three Roseville candidates seeking re-election, as well as the two Eastpointe candidates doing the same, were voted back into office.

Eastpointe’s Headlee rollback request, along with its request to increase the maximum amount it could collect through millages, were both soundly turned down, while its proposal to move its retirees to the Municipal Employees Retirement System, or MERS, scraped by.

The retirement proposal passed 1,530 yes to 1,333 no, while the 20-mill charter amendment lost with 947 yes votes to 1,930 no votes. The Headlee override had an even wider margin of loss — 826 yes to 2,053 no.

The top two Eastpointe City Council vote-getters, incumbents Wendy Richardson and Bill Sweeney, had 1,606 and 1,557 votes, respectively. George Massu came in third with 1,145 votes, and David Shank had 804 votes.

On the Roseville City Council, Councilman Bill Shoemaker successfully kept his seat with 2,712 votes, as did Jan Haggerty and Salvatore Aiuto, who received 2,677 and 2,394 votes, respectively. Newcomer Charles Frontera received 1,799 votes.

Roseville’s mayoral, clerk and treasurer races were all unopposed, letting Mayor John Chirkun, Clerk Richard Steenland, and treasurer candidate Michael Switalski coast to victory.