Household hazardous waste event in West Bloomfield to collect recyclable items

By: Sherri Kolade | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published March 14, 2019

 Household hazardous waste items, including paint and paint products, will be accepted at a township collection event for environmentally friendly disposal and recycling April 13.

Household hazardous waste items, including paint and paint products, will be accepted at a township collection event for environmentally friendly disposal and recycling April 13.

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WEST BLOOMFIELD — We know the expression: “Use it or lose it.”

West Bloomfield Township is kicking it up a notch by asking people to use it or donate it.

The township will hold its popular biannual Household Hazardous Waste Day 9 a.m.-2 p.m. April 13 to collect old and unused items that are unsafe to put in a landfill. The township then recycles or donates the materials.

“It’s an environmentally friendly event, and that is why we do it,” said Kathy Sederlund, township office manager for the Planning and Development Services Department, adding that the program is a beneficial, “collaborative effort with the residents.”

“We get a great turnout. Our residents are excited about it each year,” she said.

West Bloomfield, Sylvan Lake and Orchard Lake residents — Keego Harbor opted out — can bring paint, thinners, household cleaners, chemicals, acids and flammable materials to the West Bloomfield Civic Center, 4550 Walnut Lake Road, the day of the event.

They can also bring in electronics, such as phones, computers, televisions and kitchen appliances.

Products like paint will be reused and made into a different type of industrial paint. Electronics and heavy metals will be recycled or turned into new products.

Sederlund said that in 2018, 1,784 participants went to the spring event.

Legal documents also may be brought in for a shredding service available to residents.

In an email, Sederlund added that hazardous products containing toxic chemicals  — including cleaning products, solvents, pesticides, oil-based paints, weed killer and batteries — “can be a threat to living beings and the environment” if not properly discarded.

“It is not safe to dispose of these items in your trash, flush them down the toilet, or pour them down a sink or storm drain. Improper disposal can result in polluting the air, water or soil,” she said, adding that identifying hazardous waste is easy. “Look for keywords on containers such as ‘danger,’ ‘caution,’ ‘poison.’”

She said that a full list of acceptable and unacceptable items is available on the township’s website or by contacting the Planning and Development Services Department at (248) 451-4818.

Tricia Belchr, a project permit specialist for the Planning and Development Services Department, said that the day of the event she usually helps out with directing traffic and greeting residents as they come into the Civic Center complex.

“It’s a really good community event, recycling,” she said. “It gives residents an opportunity to get to know us at the township, the staff that volunteer for the event, and do a good thing for the environment.”

Belchr said that for those who are unable to drive, a shut-in service is available between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. April 12. Evening appointments, between 4 and 6:30 p.m., are also available the same day for people unable to make it to the April 13 event. To utilize either service, email or call (248) 451-4834.

Beaumont Medical Center will hold a free community service between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. April 13 at its location, 6900 Orchard Lake Road, for the collection of home-generated needles, syringes and lancets stored in rigid containers, according to the township website. Those items can also be dropped off April 12, or the Friday prior to each event, on the loading dock at the north side of the medical center. For more information, call (947) 522-1374.

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