Hall Road project planned for 2017

MDOT to reconstruct 1.8 miles of road

By: Sarah Wojcik | Shelby - Utica News | Published January 20, 2016

 A vehicle drives on Hall Road, just east of Delco Boulevard. The Michigan Department of Transportation recently announced a 2017 project to reconstruct Hall Road from Delco to Hayes Road.

A vehicle drives on Hall Road, just east of Delco Boulevard. The Michigan Department of Transportation recently announced a 2017 project to reconstruct Hall Road from Delco to Hayes Road.

Photo by Erin Sanchez


SHELBY TOWNSHIP/UTICA — The Michigan Department of Transportation recently shared plans with affected municipalities for an approximately 2-mile Hall Road reconstruction project to take place in 2017, Shelby Township Planner Glenn Wynn said.

The project is slated to target Hall Road from Delco Boulevard, just east of M-53, to Hayes Road. The scope of the project will include complete pavement reconstruction, drainage improvements, handicapped-accessible ramps, sidewalks and landscaping.

The project will affect Shelby Township, Utica, Sterling Heights, Macomb Township and Clinton Township.

Wynn said the anticipated start date for the reconstruction is March 2017. Wynn said that officials expect the project to wrap up in November 2017.

At a Dec. 15 Shelby Township Board of Trustees meeting, Wynn requested that the board allow crews to exceed the construction hours allowed under the township’s zoning ordinance. He also requested that Shelby Township finance upgrade “mast arm” traffic signals at a cost of $203,769.10.

Wynn said crews would like to work after 7 p.m., including overnight at times, and on Sundays. The zoning ordinance limits construction between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., with no work allowed on Sundays.

“There are no residences within a quarter-mile on either side of the road,” he said. “They are also giving us an opportunity to pay for some enhanced traffic signals. There will be five traffic signals between Schoenherr and Hayes.”

He said MDOT will finance traditional “box span” traffic signals, which feature signals suspended by cables hanging over roads, but communities that opt for the costlier “mast arm” alternative will be responsible for paying the cost difference.

“You’ve seen those black metal poles that are on Van Dyke now,” Wynn said. “Sterling Heights has agreed to do the mast arms. I think it would be useful to us to include that in our capital improvement budget for next year. That also allows us some visual coordination.”

The board unanimously granted Wynn’s requests.

Utica Mayor Jacqueline Noonan said the city is interested in the “mast arm” option, but its biggest problem is a lack of funds. Utica’s estimated participation total for four enhanced traffic signals is $147,355.50.

“I think (the Hall Road reconstruction project) is badly needed,” Noonan said. “I think it needs to be even more comprehensive to add travel lanes and so on, but I’ve already had that dialogue at the state level, and I know that’s not being done. We’re on board with what’s going on.”

Spiro Kotsonis, MDOT’s Macomb County senior contracts and projects manager, said the 1.8-mile Hall Road reconstruction project is in the design phase and that he does not yet know whether crews will be starting on the west or east side.

“(That particular section) was chosen because of the condition of the pavement,” Kotsonis said. “We’ve been doing a lot of patching in that area, and it’s beyond patching at this point.”

He said the project will not be adding any more lanes — just reconstruction of the four lanes that travel in each direction.

“Our goal is to maintain three lanes in each direction at all times by constructing a temporary roadway so we can shift traffic over,” he said. “We will also be adding some new sidewalk.”

Kotsonis said he expects the reconstructed road to last another 30 years.

For more information, call the Michigan Department of Transportation Metro Region Office at (248) 483-5100.