Group seeks ‘Justice for Jane’

Vigil planned for murdered Grosse Pointe Park resident Jane Bashara this July

By: K. Michelle Moran | C&G Newspapers | Published June 11, 2012


On June 22, Jane Bashara would have celebrated her 57th birthday, likely in the company of family and friends.

But for the marketing executive and proud mother of two grown children, there will be no more birthdays. There will be no more laughter or conversations or new memories. All of that ended when someone brutally strangled Bashara on Jan. 24, leaving her body in her Mercedes SUV in an eastside Detroit alley, just a few miles from her home in Grosse Pointe Park.

A group comprising people who knew and loved Bashara wants to see whoever was responsible for the murder brought to justice, and to that end, they launched the Justice for Jane campaign June 9. They are supplying and distributing yard signs, tree ribbons, wristbands and ribbon magnets with the message “Justice for Jane.”

“We believe Jane would be proud and deeply gratified that her community joined together to avenge the terrible wrong of her senseless death,” organizers wrote in a press release. “The purpose of the campaign is to show in a visible way the Grosse Pointe community’s desire to bring justice to whoever murdered one of its most respected members. It affirms a trust in law enforcements’ efforts on her case and stands behind them.”

Organizers say they don’t want to be publicly identified because, as one organizing committee member said by email, “No one on the organizing committee wants the attention.” They would only communicate via email and wouldn’t provide their names or a phone number. An unidentified spokesperson said there are four organizers on the Justice for Jane committee, all of whom are members of At press time, there were about 113 forum members, who include friends and acquaintances of Jane Bashara, Grosse Pointers and other metro Detroiters who’ve been following the case, and people who follow true crime cases across the country, the spokesperson said by email.

The case has drawn national media attention, possibly due to the reported involvement of Bob Bashara — Jane Bashara’s husband — in the S&M scene and the presence of a mistress who allegedly shared this interest. Lurid tales of Bob Bashara’s supposed activities outside of his marriage have turned the tragedy into tabloid fodder and shed a dark light on the normally safe, quiet bedroom community of Grosse Pointe Park, where people walk or ride bikes to neighborhood stores and restaurants, and multiple generations have raised families.

Details about Bob Bashara’s alleged affair have, in the minds of many, overshadowed Jane Bashara herself, a woman known for her involvement, with her husband, in volunteer efforts for her church and Grosse Pointe schools.

“After almost five months since Jane’s murder, we hope to have a visible show of the community’s desire to bring justice to whoever killed her,” the Justice for Jane spokesperson said. “Jane’s voice has been silenced, and we want to speak for her.”

Although he had not been charged as of press time, Bob Bashara was named a “person of interest” by police early in the investigation. Bob Bashara has denied any involvement in his wife’s murder. A Justice for Jane spokesperson said he isn’t involved in this effort, but is likely aware of the campaign because of the presence of signs on his street.

“We consulted only with Jane’s birth family, and they have given our efforts their blessing,” the spokesperson said in response to another question by email.

The spokesperson said organizers would like people to know that Jane Bashara “was a highly respected member of the community and a warm, lovely person who is dearly missed.”

According to the spokesperson, the sale of signs, wristbands, ribbons and car magnets will be used to pay for a vigil this summer for Bashara. At press time, they said scheduling conflicts and a lack of funds at the moment led them to postpone the vigil from her birthday June 22 to July; an exact date and location hadn’t been set as of press time. Any funds remaining after vigil expenses such as venue rental, printing and audiovisual programming would be donated to one of Bashara’s favorite charities, the spokesperson said. Yard signs are $15 each, and tree ribbons, magnets and wristbands are $5 apiece.

At press time, a spokesperson said 20 signs had already been placed, and 46 signs, 14 tree ribbons, 52 wristbands and 23 ribbon car magnets had been ordered or purchased.

One of the signs — located at a house across the street from the Bashara family home on Middlesex — was reported stolen the night of June 9, the spokesperson said. A police report has since been filed, and the spokesperson said the single sign was replaced with two signs.

“If they are stolen, they, too, will be replaced as many times as necessary,” the spokesperson said by email.

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