Go Comedy! releases Christmas-themed album

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published December 17, 2020

 The Go Comedy! Improv Theater community has released a Christmas comedy album titled “Santa Tales From Lockdown.”

The Go Comedy! Improv Theater community has released a Christmas comedy album titled “Santa Tales From Lockdown.”

Artwork provided by Pete Jacokes


FERNDALE — The people behind the Go Comedy! Improv Theater in Ferndale have released a Christmas comedy album, and the proceeds will go toward funding the venue through the pandemic.

On Dec. 15, Go Comedy! released “Santa Tales From Lockdown,” an album created by more than 20 artists from the Improv Theater community. It contains eight songs and 12 comedy sketches, plus three bonus tracks when purchased for $20 from www.gocomedy.bandcamp.com.

The album tells the story of Santa Claus and his elves working through the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Santa decides to deliver all the presents by drones while the elves try to make the best of their Christmas.

The  Go Comedy! community created two comedy albums earlier this year at the beginning of the pandemic, and co-director Pete Jacokes said they had so much fun that they decided to make another one centered around Christmas.

“We started having Zoom meetings and started spitballing ideas and took suggestions from Go Comedy’s Facebook page and Go Comedy’s student page … to kind of inspire ideas,” he said.

The cast members recorded their parts from home from all over the country. Pete Jacokes said the content they created is PG-13.

“There is minimal swearing, almost none,” he said. “A lot of it’s been replaced with Christmas swear words like “silver bells,” but the subject matter isn’t exclusively adult. There’s a lot of fun stuff on there.”

The theater, along with other entertainment venues, has been shut down since the pandemic started. As they can’t hold any of the dozen-plus shows they usually hold in a given week, the community decided to come together to put their creative energy to good use.

Pj Jacokes, owner and producer at Go Comedy!, said their comedy community was hungry to create this album.

“We’ve always put out Christmas sketch shows,” he said. “This is the first time that we aren’t able to do that. So this is pretty cool that we’re able to carry on this tradition”

Because the theater can’t generate revenue the normal way, they’ve been creating digital shows for the past several months to bring in cash. They hope that this album also will do the job of paying the bills of the venue.

Pj Jacokes said they’ve been doing both good and bad since the pandemic began. They recently had to let go of a lease they had for their training center, but doing so also has helped them save money.

“Losing that rent kind of gave us the strength to stay alive,” he said. “It’s sad, but in the long run, it’s gonna actually help us be able to (perform) again.”

“These comedy albums and some of the shows we have been livestreaming, all the proceeds go to help keep the doors closed so that we can reopen when it’s safe and we can actually have a live audience again,” Pete Jacokes added.

Along with Pete Jacokes, the album was co-directed by James Quesada, and features Chris Agar, Lauren Arnett, Alex Bergmans, Seann Cantatore, Sue Durso, Chris Fortin, Kathryn Gonsior, Devin Jenkins, Moni Jones, Mike Maghiar, Cari Sue Murphy, Jessica Nosal, Nicole Pascaretta, Donny Riedel, Devin Rosni, Heather Sejnow, Jared Simard, Zach Simao, Allen Smock, Collin Stanley Dwarzski, Ryan Westbrook and Matt Wixson.