Glo Nightclub closes pending hearing after March stabbing incident

By: Joshua Gordon | Woodward Talk | Published April 6, 2015


FERNDALE — Within 10 days of a stabbing incident, Ferndale police worked with the Liquor Control Commission to suspend Glo Nightclub’s liquor license and close the bar effective March 27.

Police responded to an incident during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the nightclub March 17 where two men were stabbed and a third assaulted with a bottle. When police arrived at the scene, the building had been evacuated by club security, but in working with local hospitals, police located three injured patrons.

Following the incident, the police and City Council held a public hearing during the March 23 council meeting to solicit public input, ultimately leading to City Council approving the filing of an objection with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to not renew Glo Nightclub’s temporary liquor license, which was set to expire in September.

“Well, it is a nuisance to the neighborhood and they were not complying with requests to improve,” Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said. “And with examples of the fighting from St. Patrick’s Day night, where a couple people got knifed and one got his head busted open, they are not only a nuisance but they are a hazard to the neighborhood.”

The LCC issued an Emergency Suspension Order closing the bar during the commission’s March 27 meeting, and police served the notice the same day. When police went to serve the order and impound the club’s liquor, a manager and worker were arrested on outstanding warrants, Wilson said.

The Glo Nightclub owners will have an opportunity to contest the order at an LCC hearing scheduled for April 23.

During the public hearing March 23, several residents who live near the club’s location at 22061 Woodward Ave., on the corner of West Hazelhurst Street, voiced their concerns over the club’s operations.

Resident Judy Palmer said the club not only causes traffic and parking problems on West Hazelhurst, but trash has littered the area on the weekends.

“We have had several bars at that corner, and this has been the worst,” she said. “There is garbage all around the building they don’t pick up. Traffic has been terrible, and we have had to call the police every Friday and Saturday night. People hang out in the church parking lot and drink after hours, and we just don’t want it anymore.”

Phil Elam, a resident who lives on West Hazelhurst, said the situation had become so bad that some neighbors had talked about finding ways to protect themselves should an incident occur.

“Think about this for a second. The writing is on the wall, and if you don’t do something about this, take actual steps to correct the situation, it will affect all of us,” he said. “It will affect the property value, and there have been discussions for people to arm themselves to live in their sanctuary. Something has to be done.”

Todd Flood, an attorney representing Glo Nightclub, said the club is only asking for time to correct some of the problems that neighbors have had.

Regarding the stabbing incident, Flood said he and his clients don’t believe the incident occurred in the actual club. And in the future, if given the opportunity, he said the club owners would look to increase security in and around the building.

“If I heard the facts as they have been put out in front of me, I would throw them out, but I think what I would ask is simply give the opportunity to cure,” Flood said. “They are a new club, and they do want to follow the mission of being a good neighbor. They want to move down the direction of making it a restaurant; that is part of the playbook.”

Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins said that in a study of a select period of time, approximately a month, the police had 31 bona fide calls and runs to Glo Nightclub compared to 11 calls to Rosie O’Grady’s on West Nine Mile Road.

Collins said the complaints about the club started with noise problems, but in recent months the complaints have moved to trash and safety concerns. Trash found by officers around the club have included liquor bottles, cigar boxes and condoms, as well as vomit on the sidewalks.

While police are still searching for those involved in the stabbing incident March 17, Collins said police are certain the incident did occur in the club.

“Everything we have determined says it did happen in the building,” Collins said. “Two individuals were stabbed and another hit over the head with a bottle, and our information, after looking over the video, shows it did occur within the confines of the building. We located a blood trail, so there is little question in my mind it did happen inside.”

A message was left for attorney Todd Perkins, who also represents Glo Nightclub, but a response was not received by press time.