Getting served on par at Sanctuary Lake

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published July 5, 2011


Beer and wine, possibly liquor, will be served at the city-owned Sanctuary Lake Golf Course during regular play in coming days.

The Troy City Council unanimously approved the transfer of a Class C liquor license from Kosch Special Events to Sanctuary Lake Golf Management, under the direction of Billy Casper Golf, during a special meeting June 27.

Mayor Louise Schilling and Councilperson Robin Beltramini were absent.

Troy City Manager John Szerlag said a council quorum, rather than a super majority, was needed to consider the item.

The meeting was called so Billy Casper representatives could appear before the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to be considered for approval June 29, rather than the next scheduled meeting July 13.

The request included service in an additional outside patio and four other areas at the course that city officials said comply with all city ordinances and state liquor regulations. In the past, beer and wine was served at the course through special licenses for special events, Mayor Pro Tem Mary Kerwin said.

Police said that an investigation revealed that no liquor violations or significant incidents have occurred there. The Troy Liquor Advisory Committee unanimously approved the transfer request.

In June of last year, the council voted to privatize operations at both city-owned golf courses and awarded a four-year contract to Billy Casper Golf.

The Billy Casper package included proprietary marketing software, and a marketing plan designed to retain customers and increase the number of golf rounds played on both city-owned courses.

Travis Kane, regional manager for Billy Casper Gold, said that their intention was to be approved for full liquor service, and they would determine later if only beer and wine would be served.