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Fundraiser brings in $7,000 for Rackham Golf Course

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published June 3, 2019


HUNTINGTON WOODS — A fundraiser held at Rackham Golf Course raised thousands of dollars to improve the grounds of the course.

A pair of Huntington Woods residents organized the fundraiser, which brought in $7,000 to improve the course. The event, called the Short Game Skills Challenge, was a 36-hole, par-3 tournament and was held May 18.

Put together by Harry Katkowsky and Bruce Carnick, the net amount of money raised came after paying the golf course for the use of its facility and paying out prize money for the tournament.

“We now have $7,000 to dedicate towards the civic improvements to the golf course,” Carnick said.

Carnick said they had a field of 77 players for the tournament, and with only the two of them putting the whole fundraiser together, they were very pleased with the outcome in the event’s first year.

“We will do it again next year,” he said. “We’ll do better next year, because this year we did what we did with a committee of two people. ... All the money we raised from sponsors, from local business people and encouraging people to play was all done by the two of us. Next year, we will be forming a committee to get a much better job done, and we expect to be able to raise more money after expenses next year and make additional improvements to the golf course.”

As for what improvements will be done to the course with the $7,000, Carnick said two par-3 tees on the fifth and eighth holes will be leveled and reseeded. Those improvements are expected to be done in August.

They also intend to do some beautification work near the first and 10th holes, which Carnick hopes will be completed as soon as possible.

“We don’t know how much of that the money will do,” he said. “We’re going to do it until we run out of money.”

Huntington Woods City Commissioner Jules Olsman, who sits on the Golf Advisory Board, couldn’t attend the event but said he was happy to hear about the money that was raised from the fundraiser.

“The golf course needs a lot of attention and needs some significant resources really poured into it to make it a more desirable place,” he said. “Rackham is a historic location, but it’s owned by the city of Detroit and it’s cash-starved and it needs resources, but I applaud the effort on the part of the people to try to do that. If they took in $7,000, that’s $7,000 that they didn’t have before. That’s a good thing.”

Olsman said the board continues to have conversations with the city of Detroit about ways to improve the course, and that Signet Golf Associates, which manages the course, is doing the best it can with what it has.

“It needs tender, loving care,” he said. “Seven thousand dollars up is better than $7,000 down. I applaud their effort and we’ll see how it goes going forward.”