Freshen up the interior of your home this fall

By: Maria Allard | C&G Newspapers | Published October 17, 2012

With cooler air blowing in and less time spent outdoors, autumn is the ideal season to freshen up the inside of your house or condominium.

A new coat of paint, hiring a company to clean carpeted rooms, installing new kitchen cabinets or remodeling a bathroom can greatly enhance your living quarters, giving any space a fresh look.

“This is the time of year to get your house cleaned up,” said Tom Dempsey, owner of Centurion Services in Warren. “Kids were off over the summer and it’s time to get your house back in order.”

Freshening up furniture, tile and carpeting not only looks nice, but can save homeowners money in the long run.

Centurion Services primarily offers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.

While you may notice a carpet is dirty, chances are there also is bacteria that has made its way into the carpeting. Dempsey recommends that homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned every six months, especially those individuals with allergies.

“Our ultimate goal is removing the dry particles that cause damages to carpets,” Dempsey said. “You want to make sure your environment is cleaner and healthier.”

Because pollutants tend to settle on carpeting, a cleaner carpet will provide better air quality. Centurion Services, which services the tri-county area, has developed the practice of using “green” detergents.

“Everything we use is environmentally friendly,” Dempsey said.

Taking care of furniture is also important in maintaining your home. Upholstery cleaning will help get rid of dust and allergens and will keep furniture looking new and in great shape. Leather furniture also benefits from regular cleaning.

“Leather, in my opinion, is like skin. You have to treat it that way,” Dempsey said. Both need to be washed and conditioned. “If you don’t take care of it, it will dry out and become brittle.” 

Tile and grout restoration on kitchen, bathroom and basement floors also maintains a healthy environment. Centurion Services cleans tiles and grout through equipment that extracts the dirt from the floor, rather than with a mop.

Kathy Keiper started Centurion Services in 1980. Dempsey eventually bought the business from Keiper, although he pointed out that “she is still actively involved” in the company.

If you’re thinking about doing some home improvement projects, remember to stay within your budget, advises Cheryl Weted, of the family-owned business Son Shine Floor Covering in Warren. The company offers a full flooring service and does kitchen cabinetry, countertops, bathroom remodeling, drapery, blinds and more.

Weted has noticed that the younger generation favors darker-colored cabinets.

“People are stepping back from oak,” she said. “And they’re not going with white cabinets as much.”

Customers also are opting for cabinets that come with a smooth surface minus a lot of detailing. Some people don’t like a lot of grooves in their cabinets because dust tends to settle in those spots.

“If a kitchen floor is 30 years old, you need to change it,” Weted said.

When looking for a new floor, Weted suggests going with a 16-inch-by-16-inch tile.

“A bigger-tile look is so much nicer,” Weted said. “It makes an area so much bigger. Once it’s done, you don’t notice that big tile.”

And after that new floor is installed, Weted recommends using cleaning products designed specifically for that particular flooring, whether it’s wood, linoleum, ceramic tile or vinyl.

“They don’t leave a film,” she said of the recommended products, adding all you need is a capful and a bucket of water. “Film attracts dirt,” she said. For areas that are tough to clean, “let it sit for a few minutes. Let it dissolve.”

With finances being tight for many, Weted also said touch-ups — such as painting a room — can change a look without costing a lot of money.

“Painting does wonders for a room,” she said. Another way of sprucing up a room is to add a glaze over painted walls to give them a new look.

“Glaze is really simple and easy to do,” she said. “It will change the look for you without changing the color.” 

Dressing up older furniture also is an option. Placing new pillows on a couch, bed or chair can add a different feel to a room. Adding some detailing or padding to an “ugly table” can “give it a whole different look,”  Weted said.

“Put leather on it or staple buttons around it,” she said. “Work with what you got.”

Centurion Services is located at 1989 Tobsal Court in Warren. Give them a call at (800) 722-8855 or visit

Son Shine Floor Covering is located at 31065 Ryan Road in Warren. The company can be reached at (586) 795-8020. The website address is