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Fouts asks for water filter donations

Warren collecting filters, bottled water that city’s CERT members will deliver to Flint

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published January 29, 2016

WARREN — When it comes to helping the people affected by the Flint water crisis, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said the burden should be shared by public administrators across the state.

Fouts issued a statement on Jan. 27 announcing a collection effort, organized through his office, seeking donations of $15 pitcher-type drinking water filters.

Hours later, the mayor said he’d personally donate $1,000 toward the purchase of a much more costly water filtration system for a home in Flint. Fouts said he’d soon send letters to his peers overseeing city, county, township, state and school district offices across Michigan, urging them to do the same. 

“I think it’s more than just a symbolic gesture. This is a responsibility we all have,” Fouts said. “Any of us could be in this position. This is a state problem, and this is something I think everyone should get involved in.”

While communities, celebrities and organizations around the country have rallied to donate bottled water for the people of Flint left dealing with lead contamination as a result of a botched plan to save money on the cost of water service, Fouts suggested that filters — particularly the more costly whole-home variety — would be more useful for families concerned about lead in water used for bathing and other purposes.

“I’m committed. I’m going to donate $1,000,” Fouts said. “I’m going to send a letter out to every elected official. The $1,000 toward a large water filter would take care of the entire home, which would allow people to shower safely, bathe, and what have you.”

Residents or businesses wishing to donate the smaller, “Zerowater” filters, or the cash to purchase them, can leave their donation at City Hall or any Warren fire station. The city is also collecting donated bottled water.

The donated water and filters will be delivered to drop-off locations in Flint by members of Warren’s Community Emergency Response Team.

“What we’re doing is we’re collecting water and filters, and will continue to do so as long as there’s an active need for it,” said Michael Rose, Warren’s CERT coordinator. “I have no idea how long this will be going on. I don’t think anybody does. We’ll keep the ability to donate open until such time as it’s no longer needed.

“We’re trying to do what we can to help and assist. It’s not always your community that needs help,” Rose said.

For more information about the city of Warren’s collection efforts for water and filters, call the Mayor’s Office at (586) 574-4520 or Warren CERT at (586) 960-5315. Donations can also be arranged by emailing CERT at