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Food drive nets 500,000 pounds of food

By: Thomas Franz | C&G Newspapers | Published May 24, 2016


MACOMB COUNTY — The Macomb Food Program recently received more than 300,000 pounds of food thanks to the 24th annual National Association of Letter Carriers and U.S. Postal Service Food Drive.

The May 14 countywide drive netted a total of 500,000 pounds of food. The food helps feed families, seniors, veterans, children and the homeless throughout the county.

“It’s the easiest form of food drive — people just set the food on their front porch,” said Linda Azar, program manager for the Macomb Food Program. “Other food drives, they have to bring it to work, or they have to go to a location and drop it off at a collection site. With this, we make it easy on the person who’s donating.”

Azar said the Macomb Food Program distributes 2.9 million pounds of food to more than 170,000 individuals annually.

Letter carriers and union members of Teamsters Local 299 helped pick up donations and transfer them to the food program’s warehouse.

“When you talk about the 2.9 million figure, that’s everything from donations from farmers to what we’re able to buy through Gleaners (community Food Bank), to our other programs we run, so when you look at the scheme of things, 300,000 pounds of food is a great deal of food,” Azar said.

The donations of nonperishable and canned goods also helps the food program spend more funds on purchasing other items to give to the hungry.

“The idea is that the food drive helps us supplement what we can buy, and our dollars go further when we can focus on high-protein items like meat, and then use the canned goods to supplement so families are getting a wider array of foods, and not just canned goods,” Azar said.

With 300,000 pounds of food being donated, the food program is now seeking volunteers to help sort the food at its warehouse at 44900 Vic Wertz Drive in Clinton Township, on the south side of Hall Road. Groups and individuals interested in volunteering can call (586) 469-6004.