Ferndale-area bike theft suspect pleads guilty

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published May 13, 2016

 Perry was arrested at Como’s Restaurant after an employee recognized him from a security photo that was posted on Facebook.

Perry was arrested at Como’s Restaurant after an employee recognized him from a security photo that was posted on Facebook.

Photo provided by the Ferndale Police Department


After releasing a security camera's image of a suspect to the media, Ferndale police apprehended a 36-year-old man who has since pleaded guilty to multiple bike thefts in the area.

Ryan Perry pleaded guilty in 43rd District Court on Wednesday, May 11, to two counts of misdemeanor larceny after he was arrested earlier that day, around 12:30 a.m., at Como’s Restaurant, 22812 Woodward Ave. He was being held on a $3,000 surety bond for each count while awaiting sentencing.

Perry will have his official plea and sentencing at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, before a 43rd District Court judge, as Perry’s first plea was before a magistrate, according to the court. Perry’s court-appointed attorney, Howard Arnkoff, could not be reached for comment at press time.

Ferndale Police Detective Lt. William Wilson said police were alerted to Perry’s presence at the restaurant after an employee recognized the suspect from a Facebook post.

According to police, Perry showed up regularly to the restaurant seeking free food at closing time, and he was dressed in the same attire as in the security photos.

“I think maybe he was homeless and he just steals bikes to ride around on,” Wilson said. “Ditches them or sells them. We don’t know what he does with them.”

Police believed Perry was responsible for bike thefts that had occurred in the Ferndale, Hazel Park and Royal Oak area, and people who had bikes stolen, but did not report the thefts, should contact their local police departments.

Perry’s prior convictions date back to the late 1990s, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections, with offenses ranging from fleeing and resisting a police officer to home invasion to assault with a dangerous weapon to arson of a dwelling house.

Perry’s arrest came after police released imagery of the suspect riding away on a bike around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, May 3, from Coolidge Intermediate School, 2521 Bermuda.

Police believed he stole another bicycle around 2:45 p.m. on Friday, May 6, at the Ferndale One Stop convenience store, 22008 Woodward Ave.

When it comes to bike security, Macomb Bike and Fitness Owner Jeff Radke tells people most bikes are stolen based on opportunity.

“The opportunity is that they’re not locked at all,” he said. “A lot of these guys aren’t carrying tools to just steal their bikes.”

Radke said that people who are going to a store for a minute should get a 6-foot, heavy-duty cable and loop it through the wheels of the bike and a permanent structure. Bicyclists should make sure a thief could not lift the chained bike over the top of the permanent structure.

For a higher level of security for people who leave their bikes unattended for long periods of time, Radke suggested a U-lock, as they are harder to cut through, but Radke warned that it might not stop someone who really wants to steal a bike.

“If somebody wants to steal it, they’re going to get through it,” he said. “But most bikes are stolen based on opportunity.”